Exclusive Functions Served by a Cheap Dedicated Server

Exclusive Functions Served by a Cheap Dedicated Server



A cheap dedicated server is used for varied functionalities with the most common one being website hosting.

Dedicated server hosting is one of the most expensive server hosting solutions available at present. Nevertheless, despite its expensive price, there are a majority of business owners going for USA dedicated server hosting mainly because it offers server hardware and resources completely for the use of just one site. In other words, there are no other sites sharing server space or resources as is the case with virtual private server hosting or shared server hosting. Thus it can rightly be said that cheap dedicated server hosting is way to go and it is in no ways expensive considering the fact that users get to use the resources and hardware of the server for fetching their own requirements. So, spending a bit more for the advanced features one gets with dedicated server hosting is always a wise thing to do.

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Varied Uses of Dedicated Servers

Another important consideration about USA dedicated server hosting is that it is not suitable for small sites that do not witness a huge amount of traffic on a regular basis. Small sites going for dedicated servers might not find the service affordable mainly because they will not be able to use the resources and the hardware that come their way owing to the dedicated servers that they go for. After all, there is no use spending more money for something that is of no use. On the contrary, the larger sites with huge traffic spikes every now and then will be able to reap the best benefits of dedicated server hosting. All the resources, RAM, bandwidth and storage space available from a dedicated server can be put to use by the larger websites in the best way possible.

It is absolutely true that dedicated servers bring in a lot of advantages to their users but at the same time it is also worth noting that they can effectively be used for other functions apart from web hosting. Yes, dedicated servers have varied and exclusive uses and we will be having a look at them below:

Setting Up VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP does exactly the same as suggested by its name. It makes way for the transfer of voice online. In this category, Skype was one of the most popular and widely used solutions. Nevertheless, in these present times, majority of the business owners with a cheap dedicated server choose to install their very own VoIP solutions. The business owners do so because there are a number of advantages of going for this procedure which includes having improved conversation quality and more control. If you want to do the same then there is absolutely no need for you to worry. There are several tutorials available out there that can help you in setting up and making use of VoIP in your own USA dedicated server. This will have you up and running in no time at all.

Data Syncing

This is yet another exclusive usage of a cheap dedicated server from Onlive Server. data synchronization means that the documents and the files can easily be integrated across the entire workforce. Data synchronization helps in keeping all the documents and files absolutely secure and safe. Dedicated servers can effectively be used for this purpose but then it is necessary to have an idea about the difference between setting up VPN and data sync. VPN helps in connecting computers and data sync makes way for the storage of files and documents in virtual filing cabinets. One of the best things about this procedure is that if any individual works on the files and makes changes to them, the changes on that file synchronize. So, the users of the files and the documents get to work on and even read files that are always updated.

Setting up Web Analytics

A USA dedicated server can also be used for setting up company analytics or web analytics for business websites. Web analytics offer the most perfect way of understanding the way a website is performing. Google analytics is probably one of the most popular and largest analytics software available at present. Nevertheless, businesses looking to run their very own web analytics can always use dedicated server hosting solutions for this purpose. This way they can have more control on their company websites.

Image and Video Steaming or Storage

Since dedicated servers come with unrestricted storage space and bandwidth, they can perfectly be used for storing images and videos. These servers can even be used for streaming some active or live videos. They enable users to store video footage and pictures from security cameras that are usually set up on the servers. Users also get the option of setting up live streaming from the cameras.

Common Questions Asked About Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions Are As Follows:

Is it possible to use a dedicated server as a print server?

Companies with self-sufficient departments or work groups can greatly benefit from hosting file servers or print servers. And yes dedicated servers can well be used for hosting print servers.

What are the benefits of using dedicated servers for hosting print servers?

This helps in lightening the work load of the main server of the company.

Can dedicated servers be used as test servers?

Yes, test servers can also be set up using dedicated servers. These servers act as the perfect location for trying out new software, operating systems or applications.

Can dedicated servers be used for managing smart devices?

There are many businesses these days that make use of dedicated servers for managing smart devices.

How is this done?

Collected data from the smart devices and even from sensors are stored using preferred tools.

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