Quality Inspection of CNC prototyping

Quality Inspection of CNC prototyping



At ATP-Mold, our primary goal and objective is to create the golden standard of high precision machined parts every time. Our time is there to serve all your needs and preference as well as create perfect tooled materials.

Mold guarantee

When it comes to CNC prototyping, there are stringent quality standards and inspection that are undertaken to ensure the machined parts/products are of high quality and meet the minimum qualifications allowing you to point out defects or problems which can be corrected immediately before production is rolled out.

Qualifications and specializations

  • Drawing Review
  • Certified metal material testing
  • Dimension checking by 2d projector, CMM
  • Color deviation testing
  • Skilled and technical staff
  • Feature checking by gauge
  • Certified plastic raw material testing
  • Parallelism, testing straightness, granite flatness tables, and testing straightness.

Ticks and tips of CNC prototyping

CNC prototyping is a fundamental process of almost every industrial and manufacturing process. It has simplified every aspect making the production process seamless and easy. For everything to run smoothly, you can also employ these tips and tricks that will make everything run smoothly.

Using actual and real devices

The creation of prototypes is just for experimentation and creation of a replica of the actual product before the production phase commences. This saves you a lot of time and resources, especially during the design phase.

Always keep in mind that nothing beats the experience of prototypes designs on a real device or machine in a real environment.

Avoid the use of linear work

Just like a computer, the design phase must always be a multi-threaded process; creating a design system that will not pull back the strides that you’ve made is very vital. CNC prototyping will always ensure you have a contingency plan of plan B and C in case your original plan fails.

Come up with re-usable styles and symbols

In the production sector, some of the essential design tools have re-usable styles and symbols that will save time when it comes to experimenting with different designs or editing and finding the right design system that works for you as a designer.

Organized and flexible designs will also save you a lot of resources during the initial phase of production.

Fixing and moving fast

It’s vital to have a strong and robust foundation for the design phase of parts or products. Always separate the functionality and structure that keeps you focused on what is required to manufacture a fantastic product.

Strive to produce the best

When it comes to CNC prototyping, your machined parts/products do not have to be completely perfect or production-ready, your yardstick should be determining whether the prototype is good enough or meets the client’s expectation before proceeding to mass production.

Well, this can be simply done by pointing out the flaws, defects, and questions when the prototype is complete and then come up with simplified solutions on how to rectify the problem bringing your intended design to light. At APT-Mold, we’ll do just exactly that.

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