What Are the Key Differences Between Finish Nails and Brad Nails

What Are the Key Differences Between Finish Nails and Brad Nails


A brad nail is a special type of nail that is primarily used for woodwork applications that are very small or need intricate details. They can be used for trimming, cabinets, moldings, and more. They are widely used for DIY home projects and professional woodworking projects. The nails have a thin gauge, and they help in binding the wood strongly.

Brad nails and their major uses

Most people confuse Brad nails with finish nails as being one and the same thing. However, both of them are quite different from one another. If you look at them physically, you will find that a brad nail is much smaller than a finish nail.  When it comes to binding the wood, the brad nail does not have the same strength as a finish nail because it does not have a head like the latter.

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Since a brad nail is very thin, it is good for mounting woodwork trim that is lightweight in nature. This nail has a thin gauge and no head, so you do not have to apply wood putty for covering the hole where the nail has been inserted into. If you want to work with projects that need fine details, you should choose a brad nail for the job. Again, most people do not like using wood putty as they often look darker than the finish of the natural wood, especially when polished.

Less damage to the woodworking projects

There is another advantage of using brad nails in woodworking projects. Here, you are able to reduce the damage done to very thin pieces of the trim. In case you try to nail very thin pieces of trim primarily to baseboards or the front of the cabinet, there is a very high chance of you splitting that piece because the gauge of the finish nail is thick.

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However, if you still want to use a finish nail for attaching the trim to the wood, make sure that the large head of the nail has a strong binding ability. When you use a good finish nail, you are able to get peace of mind and relax. If you want to secure the structure of the wood, you should use a brad nail primarily because it does not have a big nailhead at all.

When you are using Brad nails, make sure that you invest in the right size. This size actually will depend upon the capacity of the nail that you need. There are nails available in 18 and 21 gauge sizes. The most popular nail that is used for woodworking is the 18 gauge nail size as they bond the wood strongly. Make sure that you buy your nails from trusted sources. Some websites sell brad nails, and you can rely on them for bulk deliveries. Make sure that the site has good reviews in the market, and before you order them, check their shipping and delivery costs too. In this way, you can save time and have all the nails you need delivering to your doorstep with success!

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