What is erectile dysfunction and how is the disease treated

What is erectile dysfunction and how is the disease treated



Of all the health problems that can unsettle a modern man, erectile dysfunction, which people often call impotence, stands apart. The tragedy of this disease is that in society it is perceived as something shameful, so the patient in most cases remains alone with his misfortune. Often, men who are faced with an inability to start or complete sexual intercourse avoid even visiting a doctor, hoping for the help of “miraculous” pharmacy products, but as a result of such self-medication they only worsen their condition.

Meanwhile, the modern treatment of erectile dysfunction is able to return to a man the joy of a full sexual life, even in difficult cases. tramadol for sale

Erectile dysfunction implies chronic difficulties with the implementation of a full sexual intercourse. We can talk about problems with an erection, as well as the absence of ejaculation or orgasm, as well as other phenomena that interfere with enjoying sex and satisfying a partner. However, more often patients come to the doctor with a complaint about the first variant of the disorder – when the sexual penis for some reason does not fill up with blood enough (remains soft, does not increase in size).

It’s important to know

According to the WHO, after 21 years, 10% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and every third after 60 years. Around the world, there are about 150 million men experiencing similar problems, and their number is constantly growing

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At the same time, not more than 22% of patients go to the doctor, and only 36% of this number are engaged in treatment

There are several risk factors that contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. So, problems with potency are often observed in smokers with experience, in men with diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease and hypertension, as well as in those who suffer from depression, neurosis and some other mental disorders. Impotence is sometimes triggered by the use of certain drugs, a sharp change in diet or lifestyle, as well as injuries and operations in the inguinal region. Men who abuse alcohol, and those who spend most of their time sitting at the computer or driving a car, should also be prepared for a possible “riot on the ship,” which will one day ruin plans for a romantic evening. kamagra soft

Causes and types of erectile dysfunction

Doctors divide the causes of impotence into three groups: organic (associated with a physical obstacle to the natural occurrence and maintaining an erection), psychogenic (in which no physiological disturbances are observed in a person, and problems in sex are explained by stress, chronic fatigue or psychological trauma), and also mixed (when both of these factors contribute to the development of the disease).

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In men suffering from depression, the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction ranges from 25–90% . Most often we are talking about men of young or middle age. The main role in the treatment of such patients is assigned to the psychotherapist.

The most common causes of impotence are organic – they are often associated with age-related changes in the walls of blood vessels.

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The fact is that the mechanism of the appearance of an erection can be partially compared to filling the bathtub with hot water: when you close the drain with a stopper and open the tap, the tank is gradually filled, and to empty it, you must shut off the water supply and remove the stopper. With vascular damage (for example, cholesterol plaques), the process of filling the cavernous bodies of the penis – a kind of analogue of the bath – slows down, sometimes so much so that an erection does not occur at all. Also, in some cases, the problem with sex is explained by a “leaking plug” – a pathology of the veins, in which the blood too quickly, before completing sexual intercourse, leaves the penis. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is a hormonal imbalance, then the whole mechanism of arousal goes downhill: a man may completely cease to be interested in sex.:

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