How do you find monthly sales on Amazon

How do you find monthly sales on Amazon?



Assales figures fluctuate daily, it is essential to look at a product’s sales history to obtain the complete picture. You will gain an advantage over your competitors by employing the most up-to-date and accurate sales trackers, checks, and apps. Know more about monthly sales on Amazon from the below link:

Why do Amazon sellers need to be aware of current events?

1. You don’t want to sell a product in a diminishing market.

Product trends will show you whether a product’s sales increase or decrease. Ensure to stay away from effects that are experiencing a decline in sales.

2. Unexpectedly, some sales increased.

For a variety of causes, sales might spike at any time. To truly understand a product’s conversion rate, you must examine all previous data.

3. It would be best if you determined whether a product is seasonal.

Certain things are only popular during specific seasons. Trends will assist you in identifying products that regularly sell throughout the year.

Know about the methods for Calculating Estimated Monthly Sales

Many Amazon Professional Seller software solutions have algorithms for estimating sales numbers for these categories and subcategories. There are a variety of ways to evaluate these figures and verification procedures. For example, they use certain private label products in each category as a reference point and track their accurate sales statistics from sales data or web scraping to track the total inventory of numerous things in several categories. There’s no way to list all of them here and assess whether they’re competent at it or merely “guesstimates” because each company takes a different strategy.

What is the best way to find Amazon’s sales rank?

To begin to find the Amazon sales rank, go to and search for the goods you want. It is not necessary to type the name exactly. After seeing the product you want, scroll down to the ‘Product description.’ This section contains all of the product’s specifications. Find the ‘Amazon Best Sellers Rank’ there. You’ll find information on the product’s rank and category listed. If your product has not yet been sold, the ranking will be’ None.’

The Amazon sales estimator gives you a general estimate of how many things you or your competitors can sell in a day based on the type of product you or your competitors sell. To estimate the number of units sold in a day, the Amazon sales estimator solely relies on the sales rank of a product listed in a specific category.

How to Keep an Eye on Amazon’s Sales Trends

  • Search for a product on
  • To get extensive information and analysis on the products, open the PRO Extension.
  • Choose a product that you’d like to learn more about. Click “Product History” after clicking the arrow to the product’s left.

Final thoughts

When sellers or their agents apply for tax, they must download an Amazon monthly report from sellercentral and submit it to the local tax bureau, which is also one of the evidence used by the tax bureau to calculate how much tax your company is must pay. Amazon shares BSR information but not predicted monthly sales numbers. They are kept under wraps. As a result, various sources’ anticipated monthly sales numbers are always in conflict.

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