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Why Do You Need An Appeal Attorney?



There are numerous of cases discuss in day to day time. Some cases solved with fair justice, whereas some stay for long with no proper judgement. It has been said that a justice delayed mean a justice denied. However, an individual has been given a right to appeal. An appeal is actually a request to high court to review the judgement announced by trial court. Such appeals filed when the person (Culprit or Victim) is not convinced and disagree on the judgment of trial court. Appeal attorneys help an individual or their client to file the appeal to high or apex court. Filing an appeal required a lot of paper work and should be filed by following all the legal procedure.

An appeal attorney provides the best assistance to their client during filing appeal in high court. Also, the appeal lawyer will represent their client in the court and explain the reasons of filing appeal for the particular case. An appeal attorney is expected to come with the solid evidences that will support the appeal and prove filing an appeal is justified.

Things to carry while meeting an appeal attorney:

  • When you see your appeal attorney for the very first, you are required to carry all the documents of previous hearing of case in the trial court. It is good to carry all the important documents as your attorney may ask of any paper as per the requirement. Paper of judgement is unavoidable. One must carry the paper that includes the judgement of trial court. Other documents include, transcript of hearing and documents you presented to the court.
  • You must submit all the documents to your appeal attorney, so they can analyze, what went wrong in the trial court which leads some discrepancies in the judgement. An appeal court will not look and analyze anything that is beyond the documents and facts have been discussed in the trial court. An appeal attorney will prove the real picture and also the modification of the facts in the trial court. Presentation of the facts is completely based on efficiency and experience of an appeal attorney.
  • Let’s say, you are happy and convinced about the judgement of trial court however your opponent went ahead to file an appeal then also you can opt to hire an appeal attorney. Your appeal attorney will revise the facts and matter and will present you in the court to justify the justice.

Important points for justified and appropriate appeal:

There are some important grounds for filling an appeal. Some of them are listed below:

Insufficient fact:

Insufficient fact is the top most reason to appeal in high court to request to analyze the trial court’s judgment. Making insufficient fact as a ground of appeal shows positive result in terms of appeal acceptance.

Improper Instructions:

All the instructions must be clear and should not be modified during the hearing of the case. An appeal can be made, if any finding related to improper instruction is recorded.

Abuse of discretion:

Abuse of discretion is the method where judge’s intentions are questioned. Sometime, judge may use their right illegally and the judgement is a result of selfish act then the person is allowed to file an appeal in appeal court.

Illegal Evidences:

There are several evidences which can be produced illegally like an invalid search warrant or a customized proof. Any attorney whether it is prosecution or defender’s side, is not allowed to modify the evidences.

Life is quite uncertain where one can be framed in a crime or can commit a crime too. However, support of an experienced attorney is always required.

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