Tips To Remember While Installing CCTV Camera In Hotels

Tips To Remember While Installing CCTV Camera In Hotels



Crimes can take place at the most elite premises like hotels, restaurants, resorts, café’s, bars etc. Hotels and resorts having the responsibility of keeping all the visitors and staff secured, such businesses must have a sound security system in place. The increasing number of crimes taking place in hotels has made it crucial for the hotel businesses to ensure round the clock security of employees and guests present in the hotel premises. And the best way to ensure security and monitor activities in your hotel is installing a CCTV camera.

There are various reasons due to which installing a CCTV camera in hotels is a must. One of the main reasons is it helps to control access and avoid unwanted visitors entering the hotel. Hotel premises has visitors entering and exiting with no time restrictions, and therefore the security system installed there must be operational 24×7. The CCTV cameras installed in corridors and parking areas can deter crime and gather proofs against crime taken place.

While you install the best CCTV cameras in your hotel premises, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind to provide your guests with the best security without harming their privacy. Read further to know more about the tips that will help you to attain this.

  1. The CCTV cameras installed are supposed to capture all the activities, and so it is necessary to install them at a place where it is difficult to vandal it.
  2. Disturbing privacy of guests at the hotel using cameras in any manner is an offence and so you must not install any cameras in rooms and washrooms.
  3. To gather strong proofs against any crime, it is necessary to have a look at the scene from different angles. Especially, to identify a person carrying out the crime, you must avoid mounting all CCTV cameras on ceiling and install them at different heights.
  4. Do not waste money by blindly installing too many CCTV cameras. Study your floor plan well and install cameras at an angle that will capture wider angles.
  5. There will be many options, which might confuse you while zeroing on one decision. Try to focus on your requirements and invest in devices that are enough to provide security on your premises.
  6. Make sure you sync your security systems with a static IP address instead of a dynamic address.
  7. Do not leave any blind spots unsecured while you decide places to install CCTV cameras. Guests rarely use areas like stairs and emergency exits and thus a lot of hotels leave these areas with no security. But these areas are more prone to crimes and so all such areas must have CCTV cameras installed.
  8. While it is said that most of the crimes are deterred by merely the CCTV camera being spotted by the person planning a crime, you shouldn’t rely on it. There are strong chances that the person might still carry the crime, especially if it is dark or low light. Hence, invest in a CCTV camera that captures clear pictures even in the absence of light, like Eurovigil I View IP 300 1mp that comes with 30 meters IR range.

Keep these points in mind while planning security system for your hotel to avoid any loopholes in providing security to your guests and employees.

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