Vibrant Interior Design Ideas to give New Life to your Home

Vibrant Interior Design Ideas to give New Life to your Home

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When building homes, a lot of people tend to ignore a very important aspect, and that is interior design. Interior Design in Nepal can prove to be quite significant as it doesn’t just offer sound aesthetics to your house, but also impacts your well being. Among many designing companies, Green Design Nepal has been offering the best interior designing services in Nepal and it is one the most trusted companies in Nepal for its quality services.

In case you already have a house, and are thinking of giving it a new life by remodeling it, you should definitely consider hiring a professional and and using some of the exciting interior design ideas. To help you with your goal; these are few vibrant interior design ideas to give new life to your home.

DIY to Reflect your Personality

It’s kind of contradictory to mention that you could take on interior design in Nepal on your own, despite the above stated point to hire a professional. However, this one is meant especially for the individuals who have a good eye when it comes to design and aesthetics. You could design your room in a way that it highlights your personality. You could look for inspiration in your favorite books, the movies that you love, or the music that you listen to. Think deep enough and you’re bound to come up with ideas that will give your house a new life.

Combining Vintage and New Looks

The current world is all about fusion; there are remixes everywhere. So, why should you refrain yourself from combining old and new elements? How about combining a few vintage furniture with modern ones! Some old rustic paintings with modern paint designs. Now, to make sure that you pull this off, you need to be good at differentiating good aesthetics from bad. This idea can prove to be a disaster if done carelessly. Needless to say that it could also be an excellent way to remodel your house. Ensure to try this interior design in Nepal idea to resurrect your home.

Light Bulb and Electric Switches

Bid farewell to those old light bulbs and mercury tubes, and say hello to the lights of the new generation. By replacing your old light sources with the newly designed ones, you could bring a great change to your interiors. In the same way, you could install modern, more elegant looking electric switches to complement your sleek sources of light. You need to make sure that these bulbs and lamps that you’re installing, along with these switches, go along with the overall interior design. You don’t want to ruin things in the name of using interior design in Nepal.

Buy a Couple of Antiques

For centuries, placing antiques inside the house has been one of the ways to decorate it. From royal families to celebrities, basically, anyone who can afford them, buys them. Antiques could include sculptures, vases, paintings, a piece of furniture, or anything else. Now, provided that your budget supports you, you could get your hands on one of these antiques, and install them in your house to give it a new look. Keep in mind that these antiques don’t need to be centuries old. Even an exact replica or a copy would do if it’s contributing to your interior design in Nepal.

Work on the Ceiling

There are so many ways through which you could decorate your ceilings. You could paint it with patterns of your choice; there are countless possibilities in colors and patterns, or install amazing lights on it. One of the things that is getting quite popular these days is the trend of using false ceilings and light infused within them. You could do that or anything else that would give your home a new life. You could even combine multiple ideas to decorate your ceiling. Interior design in Nepal ideas can work wonders when it comes to remodeling your house.

Use Multiple Colors and Images

Generally, when it comes to painting the walls or the ceiling, people tend to stick with only one color. The maximum that they do is paint them with shades of the same color. Now, this is one area where you can let your imagination run wild. There is no rule that says that you can’t use more than one color in your room. Provided that you can spend, you could have graffiti drawn on your walls, or the portrait of your favorite character or celebrity. All you need to do is look deep into your interests,and pick the ideal interior design Nepal idea.

Add Bar or Reading Section

One of the ways how you can remodel your interiors is by adding sections in your bedroom or drawing room. For instance, you could install a mini bar in your bedroom, or a small dining section in your drawing room. In the same way, you could install a mini reading section in any of the other rooms. The sections make up for the entire rooms that you would have dedicated to these sections. The possibilities are countless. This way, you don’t just save space, but also explore your interests. This interior design in Nepal idea is sure to give your home a new life.

Get Rid of the Bulky Stuffs

An interesting interior design in Nepal idea is to make space inside your house. And in order to do that, you need to get rid of as many bulky stuffs as practicable. These things could be anything – from a piece of furniture to an electronic equipment. You could either get rid of them, or replace them with less bulkier stuff. Since these furniture or electronics take up a lot of space, the entire room looks crammed and mismanaged. By following this idea, you could go one step further to bringing your home back to life.

When you use the above mentioned ideas, or the ones suggested by your professional interior designer you tend to remodel your house in a way that it seems as if it’s gotten a new life. Despite the fact that the trend was quite different back in the days, interior design in Nepal is taken seriously by everyone these days. As mentioned above, a good interior design doesn’t just help your house look decent, rather, it ensures that your house is an extension of your personality. If you want to give new life to your home, make sure to consider these ideas.

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