Engagement Rings for Her

Engagement Rings for Her – Here Are Six Engagement Ring Designs That She Can’t Say A No To



When it comes to choosing a gift for your special someone, it is always a difficult task. But when it is about choosing an engagement ring for that special person, the complications get doubled. An engagement ring is a symbol of your beautiful bond and must be equally unique. Choosing the right ring includes considering a lot of things like the diamond cut, clarity, quality, design, stone, and so many other things. Some people have a design in mind, which makes it easy to get the ring crafted. But for most of them, it is a task to choose from amongst a wide array of ring designs. With each design looking beautiful and precious with illuminating stones, selecting a ring becomes very complicated.

Here are a few designs of engagement ring for ‘her’ that will surely bring a smile on her face every time she sees it.

Cushion cut diamond ring – Cushion cut diamond is the top trending ring as you can spot a lot of celebrities sporting this type of ring. It is basically a ring with a big diamond stone set in the middle of small diamonds studded halo band. The curved corners give it a fashionable appearance setting it different from the other rings. Adding to this, the small diamonds set on both shoulders of the ring make the middle stone appear to be bigger than its actual size and enhances its shine.

Heart-shaped solitaire ring – An engagement is a promise to secure the bond of love between two people and what can communicate this better than a ring with a heart-shaped diamond. Usually, such rings come with a single stone set on a plain band or multiple bands. This ring design exudes elegance with its fine-cut diamond.

Single diamond ring – If your fiancé-to-be likes to keep it simple and classic, here is a sure way to impress her. Choose one diamond with perfect cut, shape, size and colour, and that shall standout with this uncomplicated design. Such rings look great on hand and work well for everyday use as it is easy to clean.

Three diamond ring – As the name suggests, a three-diamond ring has three stones set next to each other closely on a band. This band can be plain or studded with smaller diamonds as per your preference. What makes this design so special to be an engagement ring is that the three stones represent past, present and future of the person wearing it.

Tiara ring – Tiaras are always special for girls. If you want to make your girl feel like your queen choose this beautiful ring design that comes in the shape of a tiara. It looks ravishing with small diamonds set in a prong setting, giving it an appearance of an actual crown. This cute ring will surely make your girl’s face glow with happiness.

Round-cut diamond ring – A round shaped diamond is one of the finest pieces of craft one could ever find. If you are lucky to get a perfect round-cut diamond, then seize it for your special one. You can either set it on a plain platinum band or on a band studded with smaller diamonds, it is sure to grab the attention of many.

Diamonds are loved by every lady, make sure that the design you choose for her is equally appreciated as the diamond. Selecting the right ring for your special one can take a lot of time but make sure you choose the one that is unique and will always remind her how special she is for you.

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