Things You Should Know to Repair a Broken Refrigerator Unit

Things You Should Know to Repair a Broken Refrigerator Unit

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Among all the home appliances, the refrigerator works the most to ensure that all your food items stay cold and fresh 24/7. So, it’s no surprise that it can run into different technical issues every now and then. As soon as a refrigerator starts experiencing any technical issues, the wiser approach would be to call a refrigerator repair expert and let him diagnose the problem. 

However, if the unit is experiencing a minor fault, you can also consider DIY repairing to fix the issue by yourself. But, it’ll be extremely important to be cautious as one small mistake could cause potential damage to the entire unit. In this guide, we are going to talk about different refrigerator issues and the best ways to fix them. So, if you’ve been planning on executing DIY refrigerator repair, continue reading, the following guide will help. 

1. Refrigerator is Not Cold Enough

If your food has started to spoil more rapidly, it’s an instant sign that the refrigerator is failing to maintain the desired temperature. To be honest, several factors, ranging from dirty condenser coils to broken gaskets, can cause a refrigerator to not provide enough cooling. So, here are a few troubleshooting methods that’ll help you restore the optimal cooling levels in your refrigerator. 

First of all, check the thermostat inside your refrigerator and ensure that the temperature hasn’t been changed by accident. The ideal temperature inside a refrigerator should be 4-degree celsius or less. In case you find the refrigerator to be set at a higher temperature, make sure to adjust it manually. 

Check the gasket of your refrigerator. For people who don’t know, the gasket is the rubber sealing on the refrigerator’s door that keeps the cold air inside. In case the gasket is broken, you’ll have to replace it with a new one. To do this, simply call a refrigerator repair agency and let an expert install the new gasket. 

If your refrigerator is still not providing the required cooling, take a look at its condenser coils. If these coils are dirty, your refrigerator’s cooling will automatically get affected. Also, dirty condenser coils will increase the overall energy consumption of the unit, increasing your electricity bill. So, make sure to clean these coils from time to time so that your refrigerator works efficiently. 

2. Refrigerator is Overheating 

Overheating is another common problem that many people encounter with their refrigerator. If you’re facing the same issue, there’s a huge probability that its air inlet damper is damaged. Air Inlet Damper, also known as Baffle, is the mechanical equipment that’s responsible for balancing the air inflow and controlling the amount of cold air that enters the refrigerator.

In case the Air Inlet Damper experienced damage, it won’t let enough cold air pass through, and as a result, your refrigerator will start overheating more rapidly. In this situation, it would be better to call a refrigerator repair expert because the Air Inlet Damper is protected by a plastic shield. You’ll need special tools and the required expertise to diagnose the Inlet and repair it (if required). 

So, to avoid any unexpected damages, make sure to hire a professional technician and let him replace the broken Air Inlet Damper without causing damage to other parts of the refrigerator. 

3. Refrigerator is Producing Loud Noises

Even though it’s normal for a refrigerator to make noises, you should start examining the unit if it produces any weird sounds such as loud buzzing, humming, or whirring. Again, several factors can cause a refrigerator to produce such noises. So, here are different troubleshooting methods that’ll help you diagnose and fix the issue. 

If your refrigerator is producing a loud buzz, it usually indicates that the condenser coils are not working properly and causing the unit to overwork. In this situation, you can either be dealing with dirty condenser coils or a broken Condenser Fan Motor. So, start by cleaning the coils and if the issue still persists, call a professional refrigerator repair company and let an expert take a look at the Condenser Fan Motor. 

It’s also worth noting that a refrigerator can also produce weird noises if it is not leveled properly. In general, when you keep the refrigerator in one place for too long, it tends to go off-balance. So, make sure to check the screws under each leg of the refrigerator and adjust them properly to level the entire unit. 

If the sound still doesn’t go away, purchase a soundproofing mat and place it under the refrigerator. You can easily buy these mats online or at a nearby store. 


It’s quite common for refrigerators to run into different technical issues. However, since replacing the whole unit can be a bit more expensive, it would be better to get it repaired first. To do this, you can either execute DIY repairing or hire an expert to get the unit repaired more effectively.

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