Fiber Cement in Interior Décor

Unique Applications of Fiber Cement in Interior Décor

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Fibre cement is a great innovation and thanks to its properties, it is durable, can be easily maintained, is fire-resistant, resistant to bugs, rodents, mold, and moisture. It is also termite-proof and can be created to easily look like wood, stone, and other natural materials. Fibre cement can be painted and designed; this versatility makes it ideal for interior use.

Made of wood pulp and cement, it has energy-efficient properties, and adding insulation to your house can cut down your cooling and heating bills by a lot. It is also less expensive compared to other materials which give you a good return on investment. Being affordable and long-lasting is one of the main reasons it is preferred among many.

Why is it used in interior décor?

The qualities that make fiber cement so ideal for exteriors make it an excellent choice for interiors as well. Fibre cement for example is an excellent energy saver, it is insulated your home from heat and cold and saves you a lot on electricity bills, as you don’t need to turn up the heater or air conditioning. It can soundproof your house so it won’t sound like an empty cave and it can replace POP and be used as a false ceiling for office and living spaces. Fiber cement is widely preferred as it is easy to install, transport, and gives off a sophisticated appearance. It can be cut, shaped, trimmed, and comes in more sizes than plywood or drywall which is used for even more applications.

Fiber cement planks can be used for bed headboards and you can fiber cement panels to create urban lofts and even cover your walls and ceilings with planks of fiber cement to make it look more aesthetic and appealing. Fiber cement sheets can be used to create drywall partitions for your office space or home office area, they can also be excellent support for kitchen and bathroom tile countertops due to its resistance to moisture and mold. Outside, it can be used for chic and urban patio plantations.

Other applications that fiber cement can be used for are the shower area, in your dining or kitchen area for a modern and minimalistic look, and as accents in your living room. They can be made to imitate natural material and add colorful accents to furniture and accessories.

The Bottom Line

Fibre cement is widely used to uplift exteriors, interiors, and add a bit of style, utility, and functionality to your space. Being long-lasting, durable, strong, and resistant to moisture and mold, they can be used in interior and exterior applications and require less maintenance, and are easy to clean. Do a bit of research before going in for any kind of fiber cement, most dealers and brands will provide you with excellent quality fiber cement but will recommend you not to install it on your own.

Either way, fiber cement is practically indestructible, long-lasting, and affordable and is an excellent choice for buildings and housing units. This has made it pretty popular over the years and a lot of people have chosen this material to make their space look sophisticated and elegant.

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