4 Ways You are Contributing to Clog Drains

4 Ways You are Contributing to Clog Drains

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Nobody wants to deal with a clogged drain in their house. Clogged drains often get worse with time, and there is nothing worse than dealing with a completely blocked drainage system. In Phoenix, Arizona clogged drains are a bit too common among homeowners. Unfortunately, in most cases, the homeowners are the main cause of clogged drains in one way or the other.

The good news is, you can make some minor changes to ease clogging in your house.

Your all day plumber in Phoenix, Arizona Is here to educate you on what you may be doing wrong, while we definitely unclog your drains. It goes without saying that avoiding the problem yourself will go a long way in saving your hard-earned money.

Keep the following tips in mind, and make the necessary changes where need be to prevent clogging your drains again.

1. Your Garbage Disposal is Wrong

What do you throw down your kitchen sink? A lot of homeowners think anything can be thrown down the garbage disposal. There are a lot of things thrown down the garbage disposal that can slit up your clog pipes.

Beans, rice, tea leaves are bad for your drainage. Mainly because they don’t break down easily, these types of foods soften in water and eventually soak up in there, when this happens, the food particles swell up and cause clogs.

Oily or greasy food will solidify in the drainage, and your drainage system will continue to worsen by the day. Avoid such mistakes when disposing off your waste in the sink and clogged drains will be a thing of the past.

2. You are flushing the Wrong Things.

Not all materials in the market are flushable. Avoid flushing down any other material down the toilet apart from human waste or tissue paper. Sanitary towels, baby wipes or hair should never be flushed down the toilet; otherwise, unnecessary clogs will be a thing you will have to deal with pretty often.

3. Your Bathroom Hygiene

Most homeowners are unaware that some things as simple as soap can cause an unwanted clog in their households. How you dispose of your soap, especially when doing laundry matters a lot when it comes to drainage issues.

Soap residues, also known as soap scum, accumulate over time, especially in the bathroom drains. They reduce the diameter of the pipes and cause slow drainage or backups. Sometimes soap mixes up with hair and dirt particles to make clogs. If possible, use soap-free washes when doing laundry or showering to avoid soap scum from forming.

4. You are Trying to Fix Your Clogs

Clogs happen once in a while in every household. When you realize that your toilet, sink or bathtub is draining slowly or not draining at all, then you most likely have a clog. In most cases, you may try to fix your own drainage, and it may make matters worse.

How you deal with a clog will determine how quickly the same issue will reappear, especially if your solution involves the use of chemical cleaners.

When a clog happens in your drainage, it is advisable to consult professional plumbing services. With this said, your all-day plumber in Phoenix, Arizona, will make sure that your clogs are completely dealt with.

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