Send love to your special ones with heartfelt presents

Send love to your special ones with heartfelt presents



Time has changed; closeness has taken a different meaning. The road to hearts has taken a sharp turn. The meeting and chatting have changed their ways. Distance may have increased in terms of kilometres, but people have come closer in the heart with the invention of a whole other online world. Most people are living away with their families, trying to build an empire of success and achievement. Yes, these things matter in life, but you can’t evaluate your whole journey on these important but materialistic essentials. It’s the family friends and loved ones that matter more above all. You know it too but need to hear it from some else. With the new year and Christmas coming so close to us, use this to the fullest and surprise your loved ones with presents and gestures.

Send them a cake

Long-distance relationships are popular and in trend but limited to couples. None is talking about the distance among families due to the hectic life we live. Curb this gap and send an online cake delivery to Noida,for instance. The best options will pop up on your screens, offering great flavours and tastes. Keep in mind the choice of your elderly parents and little kids in the house and select the flavour accordingly.

Christmas presents

Not a thing in Indian households, gifting presents to your loved ones especially the one who has passed the mischievous Kurdish age. You are probably stuffing kids socks with a gift but this year change the trend and send parcels to everyone regardless of their liking, interests and age. Sarees, suit pieces, chocolates, bangles, grooming kits are some random ideas. However, you can go for the wildest ones that come to your mind.

A surprise visit

Times like these calls for reunions and gatherings. Living away from your family is undoubtedly the hardest thing you have to go through along with the one million things you do every day. Take some time off and meet every day again, catch up on the spicy stories, relive the old memories, make new friends, you don’t want to be left out of the exciting life your special ones are living, sadly so far away from you. See them.

Send food delivery.

That hungry kid that stays up all night studying streaming or maybe overthinking would not mind a food parcel delivered to him like a surprise right out of heaven. If you know what they like, you are in full power to send a surprise delivery even more delicious when sent midnight. If not, you can ask them what they want to eat when they want to eat it and from where they would like it to be delivered.

Send surprise attire for everyone.

Celebrations mean dressing up, eating tasty and unhealthy, gathering with everybody. Even if you can’t be present there in person, you can make their day very special by sending a parcel of attire you think they will like. A saree for mother, a kurta pyjama for father and brother and a suit for your sister seeing the festive vibe of course. But if you think they can rock the western dress better go ahead and make your decision with what, please.

A bouquet

The pointer shouldn’t have been placed so late in the list, but it is one such option that can go solo but also club with any other gift you choose to send across. Lilies, roses, daisies, carnations are some very very popular options for bouquets. Trends like sending flowers in mugs, and boxes with some music chip and chocolates stuck inside it taking the surprise to a whole other level. Even if you don’t know about any other gifts, bouquets are a sure shot option that can’t go wrong.

Gift them what they want

People in families often tend to share their feelings about their wants and needs with their confidants. If you know what they want and have desired to possess for some time, surprise them with it and send along a greeting card to share your feelings as well. Maybe a video game for a kid and a song box for your grandfather. These are just examples you know better what will work best for you.

Thinking of your loved ones every day before you sleep is given, and it goes in both directions. Give them a greater reason to feel the love that floats between you. Share your blessings with your adorable peeps.

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