Detailed Online Job Listings Fetch You Qualified Construction Workers

Reddy Kancharla – How Can Detailed Online Job Listings Fetch You Qualified Construction Workers



If you need to hire skilled and talented construction professionals and workers, you need to ascertain your primary needs and the goals of the project first. Some projects are unique, and you would require to recruit laborers and managers with relevant specialized skills. Though the task seems time-consuming, it is not impossible, provided you have all the fundamentals in place.

Reddy Kancharla – The job listing should be crafted well with specific details

Reddy Kancharla is a well-known geotechnical engineer in the USA andholds a Master’s degree in civil engineering, and has more than 25 years of valuable experience in the field. He is an expert in the field of geotechnical consultation, civil construction, and construction QA/QC. He has been in senior management posts for ten years, and his talent and skills are widely sought after for the construction of commercial and residential buildings, bridges, roadways, and other vital structures like shallow and deep foundations and earth retaining structures in New York and New Jersey in the USA.

How can you attract the best job applicants to your firm?

He says that assuming you have successfully identified the requirement for new staff in your firm, the complete process of hiring the proper construction workers start with crafting a search friendly and engaging job posting online. It should resonate well with candidates looking for jobs in the construction industry.

He says the positing should contain the following particulars mentioned clearly-

1. Specific duties- As mentioned above, several construction companies are highly specialized. Here, if the focus of the company is residential and commercial buildings, you need to enlist the specialties that your company works with. For instance, shopping complexes, condominiums, apartments, etc.

2. Skills and qualifications desired- If you are hiring a manager, you must ensure he/she has a college degree or any equivalent degree or diploma. However, if you are hiring construction workers for the site, they do not need a college degree, but you need to know whether they have certifications that are suited for the project you have in hand.

3. Opportunities for training- Construction is dynamic, and good professionals always are open to new learning opportunities and skills. This helps them to increase their market value. If you provide on-job-training of any kind, you need to be really specific and mention that in your posting.

4. Benefits and company culture- Besides the salary, candidates often like to get an insight into the company culture and what daily operations in the organization looks like. Some job roles can be taxing on the body, so candidates often lookout for a credible employer that offers them decent health insurance coverage.

Reddy Kancharla sums up by saying that in order to find the best candidates for your construction firm or project, you can consult career search companies to assist you. They have an extensive database of qualified and experienced candidates where you can hire professionals for your job-specific needs. You also have a word-of-mouth policy to recruit candidates for the job through references and recommendations with success.

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