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Basic Points to Succeed with an Email Marketing Campaign

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Without a doubt, in 2020, links still have a massive influence on rankings. But while it is a well-known fact, many small business owners continue to underestimate and evea

In addition to sales, a good email marketing campaign can create a brand and offer very interesting data about subscribers, such as the open rate or the best hours to send an email.

If we take that into account, in many cases email marketing is the traffic source that has the best ROI for online businesses according to best seo agency in dubai. The analysis of mailings must be exhaustive and provide detailed information, on which decisions can be made.

This is obvious. Since your subscribers have given you their information (e.g. name or email), take advantage, and send them a personalized email. There is a clear difference between a generic email and personalized emails. This difference increases if you can create various types of emails according to the categories or products that interest each group of users.

There are different ways to capture the user’s attention, but it is important for you to be quick and concise. Do not beat around the bush (remember that you are not the only one who is sending emails to your subscribers).

Be specific and sincere

Continuing with the previous point, the subject and the headlines of an email should perfectly define the message that you want to transmit to the user. They should be able to capture the attention of a person who opens up the email and entice them well to continue reading a bit more (don’t go overboard, because no one is going to read a novel sent by email).

The issues must be specific and sincere and leave no room for doubt. Email subjects like “Enter and discover” or “You have a moment” do not encourage the opening of the mail.

Use flashy and sensational subjects, but carefully, because the content of the email should be really interesting. For instance: “We are messing it up …”, “Just for being you, [name] this is for you”, “Last day”

Work on the design

The design of an email must be in accordance with your corporate image, as well as have good usability according to the objectives of the email marketing campaign according to Below, we detail some of the best practices in terms of mailing design:

  • Content bullets: This type of content grouping allows users to skip over what they are not interested in (something that would be more difficult if it were just text).
  • Promotion / content: The proportion of both will depend largely on the type of email in question. In principle, informative content should prevail over promotional content, although this is not always the case.
  • Use line breaks: Although it is not highly recommended to use a lot of text, when you do, do not present everything in a single paragraph (nobody will read jumbled up text).

Use line breaks to improve both its appearance and its readability.

  • Use of lists: you can detail the benefits of a certain product or service through lists. Thus avoiding the use of paragraphs. They are easier and faster to read.

Test to improve and draw conclusions

SEO Expert Keep a good list of subscribers to test and to improve your conversions. Test everything, you can go above and beyond what you can read here. You can start by trying different designs and copies (try to include emoticons or emojis too).

This is the best way to get to know your subscribers better, as you will learn what catches their attention and what works best for your business.

How to measure results

All email marketing managers offer statistics of the emails sent, but we recommend that you put together a good Excel and join SEO Forum to unify all the campaigns and facilitate the analysis.

Use the columns for each parameter you want to analyze, and the rows for each submission.

Send only when necessary

Are you obfuscated about sending emails? because the campaign did not work well and you did not obtain the desired results. Remember it is not about quantity but the quality of your content or the offers that your subscribers would like.

As we have commented previously, you can always test what number of monthly emails gives you the best result. Because as I have said earlier, try what comes to mind and draw conclusions, it is the only way to differentiate yourself!

n deny the power of link building. If you want to know the importance of link building then you can read the case study of different digitalmarketing agencies.

The truth is that links define the domain and authority of your web pages. These are the two important factors that Google takes into account when classifying pages. So, if you don’t want to say goodbye to your ranking, be sure to invest your time and effort in building quality links.

Additionally, all experts in the survey confirmed that link building improves local search rankings, with more experts this year rating this activity as “very effective and efficient.” You can join SEO Community to get better updates on that.

Local link building is vital for success. Let’s proceed with the actual strategies. By the way, it’s totally fine to use ordinary link building tactics for local SEO as well. However, I suggest a slightly different approach should be taken.

Why Local Link-Building Should Be Different

The reason why local SEO or local link building in particular needs to be done differently because when you type keyword phrases with “local intent” like “pet shop near me”, Google uses a separate algorithm to get location-specific results.

As Greg Gifford, DealerOn’s Director of Search and Social, clearly stated, the source of the links pointing to your site can be irrelevant to your business if you do not take into account location, it is what matters most. In other words, keep it local – the best practice is to look for links that come from the same geographical area as your business. However, collecting links that are relevant to both industry and location is a bonus.

So, let me introduce you to 6 powerful link-building strategies that will help you obtain a new backlink to boost your local business and make your ranking go through the roof.

1. Discover the links of your competitors

Who doesn’t like to spy on their competitors?

Revealing the link profiles of your top competitors is the best link-building strategy to start with because:

  • It’s a better way to explore your local competition
  • You don’t need to go any further and search for new link sources for yourself.

By using SEO SpyGlass, you can instantly see all the links pointing to your competitors’ sites. You can find similar ways by contacting an SEO agency in UAE, or if you are residing in India then SEO Agency in india.

2. Send guest post to local websites

The area of content marketing is continuously expanding with time, and it’s hardly going to change in the near future. Although guest blogging takes time and effort, it will definitely pay off, thanks to its links, visibility, new audience, and relevant traffic.

But first of all, the quality of guest blogging begins with finding relevant opportunities. with good SEO on your part, this task can be carried out in the blink of an eye, you just have to choose the appropriate search method.

3. Get benefits from unlinked mentions

Unfortunately, many of the customers who talk about your product or service on the Internet do not bother to link to your website.

So there is a high probability of tons of unlinked brand mentions. It will generate far less profit than these mentions could actually make. So I suggest detecting the unlinked mentions and converting them to linked mentions.

It was very difficult to keep track of the unlinked brand mentions. Nowadays, with the help of a tool like Awario, you can effortlessly track, segment, and take advantage of those mentions.

4. Sign up for local business directories

Citation building is a great tactic for local link building. Local directories do a very good job in helping users discover local businesses.

But most importantly, they can significantly improve your rankings in local search engines. For those who don’t know what the citation is, it’s when your business name, address, and phone number are mentioned together.

Citations can appear in local business directories, websites and apps, and social platforms. However, the easiest way to create citations is through local business directories, which is exactly what we are going to do now.

As a general rule, every city has a few small directories, so it is very easy to find relevant directories and have your business listed. The fastest way to detect local business directories is to run a search like:

Location “add your site”

Location “recommended links”

Location * directory

Location “add your business”

Still, the same task can be done with much less wasted time and effort with the help of good SEO.

5. Write about local events

Creating content with link value is another way to fuel the backlink profile. Knowing that people are always interested in events taking place in their geographical area. Consider adding a “blog” section to your site, for example.

There you can post information about local events or news. Most likely people who are interested in local markets news will link to your site. This is how you can achieve two aims at once, i.e., generate traffic to your site and earn local links. You can take guidelines from your local SEO Specialist for a better approach.

6. Reach out to local influencers

Needless to say, influencer marketing continues to grow. Consistent with the BrightLocal study, the most valuable strategy for generating local backlinks is creating relationships with influencers and companies.

When looking for local influencers, you might think of a few government sites, local news outlets, or just bloggers in your area. The best practice is that the companies and influencers should always be related to your business niche.

If you run a business of a local coffee shop, try to get to a few sites that offer an overview of local restaurants. Speaking of bloggers, collaborate and offer them your product or service in exchange for a link.

There is also another approach: once you decide who you are willing to contact, look for events that they may be organizing in the near future. Later, attend the event, meet them in person, and see how you can help each other.


To conclude, I want to emphasize that link building will gain more importance in the near future. Of course, links take a lot of time to build, but if you want to improve your ranking, link-building should be included in your long-term plans.

Please do not forget that for local link building, it is best to look for links that come from your geographical area. Moreover, try to give preference to quality links that are relevant to your business niche and it won’t take long for your ranking to grow.

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