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7 Reasons Why You Should Register for .CO Domain Name



Most people feel confused about choosing a domain name for the first time. There are several domain names available to register for your website. It’s essential to choose the right domain name for the visibility and accessibility of your website.

There are many domain names available (.com, .net, .org), but only one is the best for you. If you don’t register your desired domain name, then someone can register it before you.

In this blog post, we’re going to particularly discuss about .co domain name, and what makes it important.

Here are 10 reasons why you should register for a new .co domain name:

1. It Will Increase the Value of Your Brand:

If you register the .co domain name, it will bring more value to your brand. People are familiar with the .co domain extension, which is an abbreviation for Colombia. It is one of the most important reasons why people register .co domain names.

2. Improve Your SEO:

The best thing about registering a new .co domain name is that Google treats it as a country-specific domain name. It means you will get an edge over other websites when it comes to SEO.

3. Increase Traffic:

People always look for something related to their location while searching on the internet. If you register .co domain, you will get more traffic, which helps your website or business.

4. It’s Affordable:

An important benefit of registering a .CO domain is that it’s compatible with a range of extensions and is very cheap compared to other popular domain names such as .com, .org etc.

5. Easy to Remember:

The most attractive thing about registering a .CO domain name is that it’s easy to remember and type in the browser address bar. You can register a .co domain and set up your website within minutes because it takes less time to register .co domains compared to other popular domain names such as .com, .org, etc.

6. It’s Local:

If you register a .co domain name, it will rank on top of other local search results. For example, if you register a .CO domain with a company name Apple and someone searches for apple near me, your website’s Google map location will be at the top with no scope for any competitor.

7. More Conversion Rate:

People often register new .co domains for business, products, services and websites because of their unique features. If you register a .CO domain name, it will help in easy navigation of your website, increasing the conversion rate.

8. It’s Short & Unique:

People register .co domain names because it’s easy to type, pronounce, spell and remember. You can register a .CO domain name within minutes compared to other domains requiring WHOIS information verification.

9. It has Better Resale Value:

It will give your business the best possible value for your money when it comes to resale. .CO domain names can be resold in the future and fetch good value for your investment. When you register a new .co domain name, it will give more exposure to your website, driving traffic and increasing sales.

10. It’s Fast:

You can register a .co domain name in about 5 minutes compared to other popular domains such as .com, .org etc. It takes less time for the online application process to register a .co domain name which means you can register it within 5 minutes without any issues.


Therefore, register a new .co domain names, which bring more value and is easy to remember and register. Hopefully, the above reasons have helped you understand the importance of the .co domain name and what value it may add to your business website.

If you’re still not sure about choosing the right domain name, then meeting a reliable hosting and domain provider to get advice would be a good idea.

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