VPS Server For Your Business

5 Superb Benefits Of Using A VPS Server For Your Business



Once your website outgrows the requirements and resource capabilities of a Shared Server, it needs a higher and much more reliable web hosting service that can effectively fulfil its growing needs and traffic demands.

A VPS Server Hosting solution offers reliable performance, easy scalability, and enhanced security at an affordable price than a Dedicated Hosting solution. Dedicated Servers are most suitable for businesses with extravagant resource requirements and server capacity that can cost a lot compared to a VPS Server.

Hence, VPS Web Hosting acts as an intermediate web hosting service between Shared and Dedicated Hosting, offering the best of Dedicated Server’s features and benefits at a much cost-efficient rate.

Let us look at some more benefits of VPS Hosting for your business.

Benefits of VPS Hosting for your business

VPS Server Hosting offers the following benefits to businesses.

1. Isolated server with exclusive resources

Unlike Shared Hosting, in VPS Hosting, your website is hosted on an isolated Virtual Private Server, independent from the other websites. As a result, it allows your business website to leverage exclusive and dedicated server resources for uninterrupted and smoother website performance.

An isolated server environment also eliminates the security risks and performance issues from other websites. This makes Virtual Servers highly reliable and efficient than Shared Hosting Servers.

2. Faster page loading speed

VPS Server eliminates the need to share server resources, such as RAM, CPU, disk space, etc., allowing your website to exclusively use the resources for better and faster page loading speed.

According to Cloudflare, websites with 2.4 seconds page loading speed experience a conversion rate of 19%, while those with 5 seconds of page loading speed only get a 0.6% or less conversion rate.

Hence, faster speed results in enhanced user experience and higher conversions.

3. Greater server control

When you opt for VPS Hosting in India, you get full root server access that is complete control over your server to configure and customise it as required.

This feature provides you with the liberty to manage your server, install applications and software, install desired operating systems, and more to enhance your website’s security and performance per your websites’ needs.

4. High scalability

VPS Hosting lets you scale your server resources without hassle as your website receives increasing and fluctuating traffic requests.

You do not get this feature in Shared Server Hosting, leaving you with no choice to either upgrade your Shared Hosting plan or switch to a higher and scalable web hosting solution when your website grows.

5. Robust security

With an isolated server environment, with VPS Hosting, you no longer need to share your server space with other websites, enhancing its security by eliminating the security threats from vulnerable websites.

VPS Server offers a dedicated IP address with full root access, allowing you to ensure maximum website security and business reliability.


Thus, VPS Hosting brings many advantages to support your business’s growth.

With enhanced security, seamless scalability, uninterrupted performance, faster page loading speed, and full root access, you can let your customers experience a continuous and smooth website experience. And most importantly, it is much cost-efficient than a Dedicated Server.

So, if your website receives thousands of website traffic, choose a suitable Windows or Linux VPS Hosting in India from a reliable hosting provider to grow your business further.

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