What is the role of a Customs clearance agent?

What is the role of a Customs clearance agent?



Customs clearance agents are essentially the managers of trading and transport of goods. They are government licensed officials with specific custom housing firms. The agents play a very crucial role in ensuring that all the paperwork and laws are maintained while goods are transported.

Functions and responsibilities of a customs clearance agent

  • Custom services are really complicated with the changing laws and all the different factors. It becomes very difficult for the customers to mind every time check, weight check, and other laws. If ever a law is broken, chances are that the goods might be restricted for more checking, get seized, or even damaged which causes delays and losses for the firm. To avoid all these problems with the government customs department and border security, a customs agent is hired.
  • Customs services are supervised by the customs agent. This means that all the decisions are taken by them in liaison with the customers who want to ship their products. To legally bind this action, the customers sign a power of attorney document enabling the agent. Thus, even the agent works with an equal liability for any of the products being shipped and shares equal responsibility for its smooth delivery.
  • It is the job of the customs agent to know all about the government laws and bylaws regarding transport and export/import of goods. Not just that being the middleman between the customers and the government, it is also their duty to inform the same customers of all the aforementioned laws. Any lapse in the trade which occurs due to negligence of not following a customs services law comes under them.
  • Customs services include making different amounts of payments throughout the process of the transport of goods. Port duties, excise duties, taxes are just a few of the many fees to be paid promptly on time. If delayed, the goods might incur separate fines or get restricted and damaged. Thus to save time and more importantly money, the agents have the authority to make all the payments. In fact, it is the duty of the customs agent to make sure that no delay is caused owing to failed transactions. For more information visit https://www.cogoport.com/customs.
  • All the above payments made should be properly documented. Customs services provided by these agents mandates them to keep an extensive record of every payment completed or due. Proper deceleration of goods and classification of the goods via several forms, all should be documented by the agents. This helps the clients as well as the agents to produce proper records and verify the cases in case of any emergency.
  • The customs clearance agent has a duty towards the clients as well as towards the government that provides them with the license for their service. In case a customs office comes across any kind of goods being transported which do not follow any particular national code or can be harmful to the national interests, it is the duty of the agent to inform it to the government customs office and also to other appropriate authorities.
  • Also, the agent must inform the clients of their mistakes and advise them on how to take the right steps to avoid punishments by not breaking the law.
  • Maintaining transparency among the different institutions is a key role of the customs services provided by these agents. Following the law and providing the best service to the clients is the goal of this profession.

Thus custom clearance agents are essential in getting a hassle-free delivery system.

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With the right agents, all the complications of management can be handled easily providing companies to focus on their next assignments while delivering the best on the current one.

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