Step-by-step Guide to Buy Mobile On EMI With Debit

Step-by-step Guide to Buy Mobile On EMI With Debit



In today’s time advancements and innovation in technology is reaching new heights. Due to this advancements, electronic gadgets have seen unprecedented developments in its area and the amount of innovative products that it produces each year is ever increasing. Every month we can see a new mobile phone being launched with upgraded features in its price range. Mobile companies have started to hook customers to its brand by providing more in less price and upgrading the features set within 1-2 years so that the customers are encouraged to buy the upgraded model in the same price range, or a range above its present one and get the device which is much more advanced. 

To enable more and more customers to be able to buy their product, the mobile phone companies also allow payment in instalments or EMI through a personal loan, credit card and even debit card. Yes, to avail the EMI facility for buying the mobile phone, you do not necessarily need a credit card. In addition, the charges with a debit card are actually lesser than that from a credit card which makes it a preferable choice. 

To buy the mobile phone with EMI on a debit card, follow these steps: 

  1. Firstly you must confirm that your debit card is applicable for the EMI facility. This you can ensure with your bank. 
  2. In the next step, you can visit the online store or retail store which has partnered with your bank to enable the purchase of a mobile phone through Debit Card EMI. 
  3. Also, in case you haven’t completed your KYC with your bank, then it is suggested that you do it before making the purchase. 
  4. After you have made the purchase, the first down payment can be made by you immediately on the store, or it can also be auto-debited from your account. 

The feature of purchasing a phone through a debit card helps to reduce the cost to a great extent as compared to the credit card. It is because in case of credit card, along with principal amount and interest, there is a charge for converting a purchase into EMI as well and some credit cards may also levy interest on the EMI in case it is not paid by the due date. 

Mobile companies nowadays even partner with particular banks and provide exciting offers like zero cost EMI, and cashback on purchases made through the credit or debit card of the partnered bank. Various leading online stores like Flipkart, Amazon also partner with various banks to provide exciting offers to its customers on purchase of latest mobile phones. They even partner with a particular company to launch the new phone exclusively only on their online portal and build up the buzz for the product among the customers. Due to this manier times, a sale comes up, and the available stocks do not last even 2 minutes due to the number of orders they receive for the new phone. 

However, not all devices are available on EMI through debit card, and sometimes they are restricted to only credit cards as well. Thus, you must always check carefully about the availability of the mobile phone you want to buy through Debit Card EMI. For this, you must check the device on available online stores and even visit your local retail store or rand store to confirm the same. Also, even though Debit Card EMI can be available on both online and offline, the price of the phone may vary. Thus, make sure you buy from the source which provides the best price. 


We are now living in the Digital era. The technology has made impeccable advancements in various areas. Consumer electronics is one of those areas which is driven highly based on the latest technology, trends, innovation and providing high value to customers at the lowest price possible. In this driven market, the mobile phone is the most buzzed and active area, both in terms of product innovation and customer demand. 

Precisely due to this, the banks offer Debit Card EMI facility to buy mobile phones, which has now become another source of finance apart from the personal loan and credit card. The steps that you need to take to buy the mobile phone on debit card EMI are: 

  1. Start with confirming with your bank that the EMI option is available on your debit card or not. 
  2. Also, make sure that your KYC is duly submitted with the bank. In case it’s not then submit it as it can also be the reason that the bank has not activated the EMI option on your card. 
  3. In the next step, visit the online store or the retail store from which you want to buy the phone, and it is also providing the facility of EMI on a debit card. 
  4. After you make the purchase, the first down payment usually gets deducted from your account immediately. 

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