Joseph Cianciotto Believes that Advertisements Are Here to Stay

Joseph Cianciotto Believes that Advertisements Are Here to Stay



Everyone knows what advertisements are, though not every individual essentially identifies every one they see as such. Advertisements are communication mostly intended to drive sales of services or products. Nevertheless, they also serve reasons other than extracting a direct consumer response of this type. They are also used to create and develop brand identity and promote customer allegiance.

They may utilize any and every sort of media including print (magazines, newspapers, and through subtle product placements, even books), broadcast media like television and radio, outdoor media (billboards, signs and so on), the network and other new media. They turn up even in video games, movie trailers (and in films through product placement, something also a customary practice on television). With so many media potential, consumers are now and then exposed to hoarding without even understanding it!

Joseph Cianciotto states that advertising has been with people for a long time; for almost as long as individuals have been appealing in commerce, merchants have been using diverse means to promote sales of their services and products.

Certainly, as Joseph Cianciotto says advertisements have altered a lot since their commencement, but their purpose has been a regular.

The first recognized ads date back to ancient Egypt; the practice of upholding one’s wares rapidly spread, with merchants in Greece, Egypt, and other modern civilizations using papyrus to create advertisement. Print quickly became the advertising media of choice, something which stayed the similar until the 1920’s when advertisements entered the contemporary era with the initiation of commercial radio. Shortly after, television arrived, almost instantaneously becoming a site for programming as well as advertisements. Until the internet began to be widespread in households, TV, radio and print media were the prime media used by advertisers in New York.

Online advertisements are huge business, intimidating to outshine older advertising media and are a growing and large part of the marketing strategies of companies of each size and in every business. The web is an adaptable way to reach customers; other than images and text, the interactive multimedia potentials of the internet help advertisers unite with their target markets in new and thrilling ways. While online ads already have a lot to provide, the internet is still a rising medium and the technologies used to send advertising online are definite to become more refined over time.

According to Joseph Cianciotto, placing adverts in video games are the most modern development in the field. Conveying the same multimedia policies of online advertising by means of video games, advertisers are intending for market share amid the vast and increasing video gaming demographic. Advertisements have been worked effortlessly into gaming and this is definite to be a development industry going forward.

Media technologies alter; but the message and the purpose of advertisements do not. As long as there are services and goods to sell, companies will carry on to go where their customers are. From print to video games and everything in between: TV advertising, radio advertising, outdoor advertising and kinds of advertising media not yet growth, advertisements are here to reside.

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