7 Creative Room Painting Trends to Add Texture and Personality to your Walls

7 Creative Room Painting Trends to Add Texture and Personality to your Walls

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Do your rooms look tired and dull? In need of a refresh, but don’t want to add clutter to your home décor? Check out these awesome 7 wall painting ideas to lend your rooms a fresh and inviting vibe.

Picture your dream room. Go ahead, close your eyes, and imagine it. Ok, now that you’re back, what did you see in your mind? We’re sure that the walls weren’t the focal point. The truth is that – most of us spend so much time stressing over furniture, décor, and furnishings that we fail to realise that walls are what ties up the entire room together.

Walls are the unsung heroes of home décor.

And, when it comes to the walls, it’s more than just deciding the right paint colours. The biggest trends in home design today are combining in-trend wall painting techniques with the right colours to redefine your interiors.

Check out the top 7 wall painting techniques that are in-trend right now: search them on 

1  Stencilling

Wall stencilling is an excellent way to add some pizzazz to your interiors without spending a fortune. You can choose from a wide variety of stencils – abstract, geometric, funky, customized – to suit your interior style and your personal preferences. The best part – stencilling is cost-effective compared to other techniques on this list. 

2  Strie

It’s the French word for – streaking. It’s a stunning wall painting technique that adds a textural effect to your rooms. You can create a crumpled horizontal or vertical line-like effect using this technique. The best part – it blends with all interior styles.

3  Colour Wash

It’s a painting technique that lends structure and dimension to any room. In this technique, painters use paints of two colours to add a soft and warm glow to your walls. You can choose colours that go well together or contrasting colours, depending on how subtle or bold you want your walls to look.

4  Taped

It’s a wall painting style that is incredibly popular with DIYers. The painter’s tape is a great tool not just for getting clean edges, but for also creating some fantastic and creative painting styles. In this technique, the painter tapes sections of the wall using the tape and paints over it. Once the paint dries, the tape is removed to reveal amazing patterns like – stripes, chevrons, abstract shapes, and more.

5  Rag Rolling

Just as the name implies, in this painting style, the painter rolls a rag on wet painted walls to create a soft, textured effect. The cloth is rolled up and down to add texture to the walls. This technique usually works well for small rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms, to make the space appear bigger and brighter.

6  Sponging

Sponging involves using a simple sponge or a sponge paint roller to add dynamic textures to a plain coloured wall. It’s easy to do, and if you have a creative flair, you can give it a try. If this is the first room painting you will be doing, then this technique is a great choice. It’s mess-free, quick, and easy.

7  Harlequin

This is an ageless décor style that is trending big time right now. It adds a contemporary and sophisticated vibe to your rooms. It includes replicating the classic harlequin pattern – columns of diamonds in alternating colours on the walls. The secret behind nailing the harlequin style of painting right is – choosing the right colour pairs. Opt for colours with subtle contrasts for a subdued effect or go for higher contrasts for a bold impact. 

Let your Walls do the Talking

Wall painting techniques are a great way to add a new look to the entire room without spending much on furnishings and furniture. Let your walls tell a colourful story using any of these techniques that suit your design sensibilities and style preferences.

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