How do I choose which CBD is right for me?

How do I choose which CBD is right for me?



When you are choosing to start using CBD, you need to know that this medical cannabis and hemp industry is flourishing. There has been a certain boom in the popularity of the therapeutic compound of cannabidiol or just CBD.

This has different ways of applying to the skin. You can use it topically or ingest it as a form of capsules but especially now that there are a lot of varieties of products to choose from, you may be facing the same question: How do I choose which CBD is right for me? You will have tinctures, capsules, edibles! Thus with so many different kinds, how do you choose one kind? Here are a few tips which can help you answer your question.

Ask yourself why do you want to use CBD?

Before you purchase any hemp product, ask yourself why you are using CBD in the first place. The scientific research on CBD is not wide due to a few restrictions and hence, only anecdotal evidence is available. Thus, ask yourself if you are ready to use CBD products. A lot of patients are now choosing CBD oil to cope with medical ailments. Apart from that, just because it benefited your friend, it doesn’t mean it will benefit you. Thus, before embarking on this cannabis journey, ask yourself why you truly want to use CBD.

What form of CBD do you want to use?

When you are done considering taking CBD as a part of your healthcare routine, you can now narrow down your options. What kind of CBD would you use? Is it for quick relief? Or is it for stress release? Either way, you can take oil drops for quick relief of muscle aches, stress and sublingual. You can inhale too but you should take care of the vaping products. Then, you have topical application kinds like lotions where you can feel the effect but you need to keep reapplying. You also have another way of taking CBD and that is via the absorption of CBD through the digestive system. This will take around 30 minutes to feel.

How much is the THC content?

There are people such as Salem Scientific Labs which help to find out the THC content. If you are not aware, CBD is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant which is just like THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid compounds in marijuana. If the CBD oil is being sold in the US, the THC content should be less than 0.3%. Only then, it is legal. Only choose those products which list the cannabinoid content and THC content on the product label. Do not indulge in taking illegal CBD.

Reasonable Concentration

When you are choosing to associate with CBD routine, you need to see how much CBD they contain. This is extremely crucial. The dosages that you take should be expressed in milligrams and they have to differ depending on the product type. Since you are a beginner of the CBD product user, you need to take low dosages to make sure everything is under control. For CBD tinctures, consider choosing a product that has 10mg per dose.

What is Full Spectrum vs Isolate?

Salem Scientific Labs has done a lot of research on this and also it is specific for you to know the content. Do you prefer a full- spectrum CBD product? Or a CBD isolate? Or is it something you prefer in between? The CBD full spectrum has the products which carry cannabinoids. There are estimated to be more than over 100 compounds in the cannabis plant. There are still a lot of other compounds that are medicinal and we only know CBD and THC.

Isolates, on the other hand, are those CBD products that contain only CBD compounds. This is a great option for people who want to consume only CBD and not any other cannabis compound.

Cost of the Dosage

Just like the content, we need to see the economic point of view too. Cost per dose can be another essential influencer whether or not you might like to consider the CBD range. Although CBD which is in high concentration can be a little expensive, ultimately they provide a better value for the life of the product. Hence, you must check the price before jumping into the conclusion of purchasing.


Always ask for a test result before you try something on. If the product is truly safe and secure, they will have COA. If you are buying things online, then you need to check if the information about these particular tests is published. Otherwise, it is better to avoid that product altogether. Thus, over here we come to the end of the daunting process of answering your question. You can always contact the concerned authorities that are non-commercial websites for some real information about each product. Since the research is still going on, do not blindly believe any fads.

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