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Ali Ata – Master Writing Skills for Professional and Personal Success



People who want to be successful in whatever career they choose to pursue need to have good writing skills. Regardless of what profession these individuals take up to earn their living, they must do plenty of writing. They may have to write emails, reports, business contracts, blog posts, project plans, and numerous marketing materials. Effective writing skills enable these individuals to express themselves in the workplace and win the trust of their employers and fellow colleagues. Such skills also highlight their expertise and intelligence in their subject area.

Ali Ata – How can people enhance their writing skills?

Ali Ata is a prominent assistant professor with the English Faculty at the American University of Middle East in Kuwait. He is a popular educationist with a number of popular academic publications in his name. Many of the students who attend his lectures speak highly of his teaching abilities. They say he even encourages them to improve their writing skills for both academic and professional success.

Ali Ata says that it is not difficult for people to improve their current writing skills regardless of their profession. They just need to keep in mind the following three tips:

1 Improve vocabulary

People can only express themselves in any language when they have a good command over their vocabulary. These individuals need to understand that being able to recognize plenty of words is just the first step. They should also need to know to use these words correctly when expressing themselves through their writing. When learning a new word, they should find out how to use different forms of the word correctly. Moreover, they should find out what prepositions are used in context with the word.

2 Brush up spelling and grammar

People who wish to improve their writing skills should make it a point to brush up their grammar and spelling. These individuals need to understand that grammar enhances the overall quality of their writing. They should always use the correct tense and punctuation in their writing. Only then can readers easily apprehend what these individuals try to convey through their writing. Similarly, these individuals need to know how to spell the words they use in their writing correctly. Incorrect spelling can change the entire meaning of the sentences they write.

3 Read regularly

Educational experts state that the best way for people to improve their writing skills is to do a lot of reading. Reading can help these individuals come across different types of writing styles. They will also get to know how to use different words correctly in their writing. The specialists go on to explain these individuals should read books and publications which interest them. Only then will they get to know how to use various words and expressions correctly in their writing.

Ali Ata admits that many people may find improving their overall writing skills to be a difficult task in the beginning. He suggests they use a good pen and start writing on a piece of paper. In doing so, these individuals should try to improve their vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. Moreover, they also read books that interest them in coming across different writing styles. Only then can they improve their writing skills and excel in every sphere of life!

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