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Flutter is Google’s mobile app development tool which can be used to develop mobile applications to run on cross-platforms like Android, iOS and Google Fuchsia. A lot of time and effort has been put in the development of Flutter.

Some of the amazing features of Flutter are given below:

  1. Important parts of the engine to enhance performance.
  2. Complete support for windows platform development
  3. Tooling assistance for Android Studio and Visual Studio Code
  4. Support for videos, charts etc.
  5. It is a free and open source framework.
  6. It works on Dart Programming Language which in itself is simple to understand
  7. It makes use of C++ rendering engine.
  8. It has its own widgets taken from high-performance yielding engine. They are quick, customizable and appealing.
  9. Because of rich widgets, Flutter mobile applications look great.
  10. The architecture depends on reactive programming.
  11. It is giving serious competition to React Native.

Let us find out how:

Flutter is successful in offering cross-platform app development. It allows the flutter application development services to develop mobile apps with full features such as camera, geo-location, network, storage etc. For those looking for appealing branded designs, then a cross platform framework such as Flutter is highly recommended for them.

Mobile Application development with Flutter

At present, there are a lot of php software development company which use Flutter to develop apps. Google is itself using Flutter in the development of Adwords apps which helps advertisers and tracks ad buys. The mobile app of Alibaba has also been made with this framework.

There have been a lot of mobile applications which have been developed using Flutter but not each one of them is famous as Alibaba and Google’s Adwords. For instance, the official mobile application for Hamilton is the Broadway Musical.

How much does it cost to create an app with Flutter?

It takes around 250 hours to design and develop an average app by offshore development centers in Flutter which works on both iOS and Android, whereas if you do it separately, it may take around 400 hours to develop an app for iOS and around 250 hours to create an app on Android platform. In order to find out how much app will cost to be built on Flutter, just multiply the hours with the hourly rate of the developers.

You will find out that development for both the platforms separately is time consuming and needs a lot of resources. If you want to create an app with Flutter, then the procedure will be quicker and better and save a lot of money. You can select cross platform development instead of selecting one to develop two native apps.

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