A Guide to Learn About the Right Dosage of CBD

A Guide to Learn About the Right Dosage of CBD



There is no ideal CBD dosage. It depends on various factors, like experience in taking CBD products, tolerance power of a person, concentration level, body type, type of CBD product, discomfort level, etc.

Here in this article, we will look at the major considerations to do when forming the ideal dosage. We are going to show you the right ways to measure the dosage for various types of CBD products.

Calculating the right CBD dosage for people

The below mentioned table is a break down for the beginner CBD dosage. It is done on the basis of effectiveness and body weight. These dosages are subjective to the type of CBD consumption.

Weight                        Dose for Mild Effects Dose for Moderate Effects Dose for Strong Effects

Light (< 130 lbs.)            11 mg or less           12 mg to 14 mg               15 mg to 17 mg

Medium (130 – 230 lbs.) 18 mg or less          19 mg to 23 mg                24 mg to 27 mg

Heavy (> than 230 lbs.)    23 mg or less         24 mg to 30 mg                31 mg to 45 mg

Stronger CBD dose is not appropriate for CBD consumers with severe pain, debilitating sins, and a high level of CBD tolerance. CBD isn’t toxic in nature. For safe results, consumers are advised to slowly increase the dosage.

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Measuring dosage for varying CBD products

Tinctures and Oils

The concentrated form of CBD oil is mixed in with food and applied sublingually. It comes in 15 mL/ 30 mL bottles with a concentration level ranging from 100 mg to 5000 mg. A 5000 mg-strength of tincture present in a 30-mL bottle has 30 1-mL servings of around 166.7mg of CBD.

A 100 mg-strength of tincture present in a 30-mL bottle has 30 servings of around 3.3mg of CBD. However, both these servings have a different impact on people due to their difference in strengths. First-time CBD tincture users should begin with low concentrations. The effect can stay for a period of 3-4 hours.

Vape Oil

Most of the CBD vape oils are available in 30-mL bottles. It provides 1mL – 1.5mL per serving. Concentrations for these oil range between 200 mg and 1500 mg. This implies the serving size for a majority of oils ranges between 6.6mg – 50 mg.


Most CBD gummies come in concentrations that range between 5 mg – 100 mg. For high-dosage edibles, users generally prefer the moderate level of CBD doses that produces the best outcome.


Most of the CBD topicals that are sold nowadays are available in the concentration that varies between 250 mg – 1500 mg. People who suffer from discomfort or severe pain find that the high-concentration form of CBD topical works the best.


These are general CBD dosage considerations. It is advised that the first-time CBD customers should consult with their physician prior to using any product that contains CBD.

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