Why Convert Shatter into E-Juice

Why Convert Shatter into E-Juice?



Shatter entered the marijuana landscape like a storm not too long ago. There is a lot of chatter about how to convert shatter into e juice, but let us step back a little. Why should one turn shatter into e-juice in the first place, and are there risks associated with it? On the flip side, could there be health benefits of all the shatter-based e-juice craze? We answer these questions here.

Shatter, E-Juice and Converting Shatter into E-Juice

Let us start with the answers to some questions that the uninitiated readers may have.

To begin with, what is shatter? Shatter is essentially marijuana extract dissolved in butane or another petroleum-based solvent. Do not be alarmed, because the solvent is removed from the extract by using a vacuum at a high temperature. After this, the resulting concentrate can be processed into a thin, translucent glass sheet-like format to form shatter. This is also why it is called shatter, to begin with – because it shatters just like a sheet of glass.

The end product expectedly has high cannabinoids and terpenes. Shatter has up to 90% THC potency. Therefore, while it may make you feel good and give you some health benefits, you must use it responsibly.

The other question we must answer before going further is: what is e-juice? E-juice is that liquid that is used in e-cigarettes and vaporizers. It is essentially the source of the vapor in these devices. It has water, of course, and food-grade flavoring. It also has a propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin. They both make it viscous, and the gelatin also gives it the sweetness you experience. Lastly, whether or not you want your e-juice to have nicotine is up to you. So, you can perfectly vape a nicotine-free e-cigarette as well.

Since there are so many options and so many possible combinations, people are turning to custom designing their e-juice. One thing that people have dabbled in is mixing marijuana in their e-juice. This is where the whole discussion about converting shatter into e-juice began.

Why Turn Shatter into E-Juice?

Let us now answer a major question on everyone’s mind – is turning shatter into e-juice any good? The short answer is yes. First of all, with shatter in your e-juice, you start feeling its effects immediately. Therefore, its action is quick and effective.

The second (and probably the best) thing about converting shatter to e-juice is that there is no smoke. So, there are no contaminants to take away the goodness of marijuana!

Thirdly, we should not discount the fact that using shatter in e-juice is much safer than smoking it. This is true for multiple reasons. One reason is that if you smoke, it shatters. Its fumes are scalding, which could cause more coughing than usual. In any case, smoke is harmful to your lungs, so it is a win-win situation when converting shatter into e-juice.

If you put some extra thought when procuring shatter, you can choose a variety with the right amount of THC. This compound has recently been shown to have some excellent health benefits, such as boosting your memory and such. But let us not digress here and get back to the benefits of shatter in its e-juice form.

To add to the benefits, you can add food-grade flavorings of your choice and even supplement the shatter with terpenes. In the end, turning shatter into e-juice enhances your overall marijuana experience – with concentrated, fast-acting vapors, flavors, and fragrance.

Is There Anything Else That You Should Know?

Yes, the vaping device that you are using to inhale your dose of cannabinoids must be compatible with shatter. When purchasing a new device, do not forget to check this in the specifications and reviews.

Also, see if you might want to dilute the liquid after you turn your shatter into e-juice. Diluting or diluent it will also help your vaping device last longer.

Lastly, add your flavoring agents wisely. You do not want them to take anything away from the original shatter experience.


This amber, a glassy substance, can end up giving you several medicinal (and other) benefits if consumed the right way. Looking at the advantages, we have discussed here, converting shatter into e-juice is perhaps the best way to consume it.

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