Victoria Barbara and Style Tips to Cover Up Fat Arms This Summer

Victoria Barbara and Style Tips to Cover Up Fat Arms This Summer



As the hot summer months approach this year, women with fat arms are wondering how to hide their untoned spots. There are some simple biceps and triceps exercises that you can embrace before the summer months to reduce the arm flab; however, the time needed for fat reduction might not be sufficient for you. If you really want to hide your flabby arms, you should be aware and have a clear understanding of some fashion tips to help you make your arms look a bit slender. 

Victoria Barbara and fashion tricks to hide fat arms

Victoria Barbara  is an eminent fashion blogger known for her high end and street style fashion. She is from New York and says several women worry about their fat arms just before the spring and summer months approach every year. She says you should avoid dresses and shirts that have a specific kind of sleeves. She says that sleeves that end at your elbow or the shoulder will make your arms look thick and unattractive. They do not cover your arms; however, they bring more attention to your untoned biceps and triceps.

Wear dresses and shirts with sleeves that are long or three-quarters in length

She says that you should choose sleeves that cover your upper arm fully. Some women often hesitate to wear a completely sleeveless tank top. She says this top actually flatters your look, and you should select a tank top with a cut that is very close to your neck. In this way, you can expose your structured shoulder bones and create a stylish look.

Eliminate the fat and flabby look with special undershirts

She adds there are slimming undershirts you can wear under your outfits to hide the bulges of your arms. They are available in diverse colors and styles. These undergarments use a special kind of fabric woven with a unique clothing technology. Their motive is to shape your arms and hide their imperfections. Your arms do not look flabby or fat when you wear them. There are again slimming jackets and shirts with unique cuts that can be worn under your dress or shirt.

Cover arms with shrugs and jackets

You can also wear shrugs, jackets, and shawls to cover your arms further. When you are choosing them, make sure you select a color that matches the color of your outfit. In case you are wearing jeans, you should choose a nice sweater to cover up your fat arms. For summer dresses, team them up with a light knit cardigan to get toned and slim arms.

Victoria Barbara  says you can also make your fat arms look thinner with the help of dark colors. Black and navy blue are great colors to tone down your arms. They never reflect light and will not show wrinkles, bulges, or curves in the fabric. However, when you are choosing the material, make sure you avoid shiny black fabrics as they fail to hide the imperfections of your arms. 

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