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Top 3 Brilliant Ways To Start Hydroponics Farming In India For Beginners

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The hydroponics farming method is about using water-based solutions for delivering nutrients to the plants without using soil. Believe it or not, hydroponics farming is the fastest way to grow plants and vegetables without soil. Plants grown using the hydroponics farming method don’t require much space, no wastage of water, and the plants’ growth rate is also higher.

In our opinion, the hydroponics farming method is best for people who don’t have large gardening plots for growing fresh produce. There are various ways and systems available to adopt the hydroponics farming method; some are also best for beginners.

In this post, we’ll describe the best way to start hydroponics farming in India for newbies.

The Wick System

The wick system is actually the simplest form of hydroponics farming which is highly recommended for beginners. The best part about the wick system is that the electrical components are installed once and are not transferred in the entire farming process.

Nevertheless, this system is not ideal for plants that require more water and soil. Some common examples are tomatoes and cucumbers. On the contrary, the wick system is best for growing plants like herbs and microgreens.

As per various reports, you require nearly a couple of dollars and just 60 minutes for installing the entire system. You don’t need bulky tools;standard growing trays and water-based solutions are enough.

Lettuce Raft System

The lettuce raft system, also known as the water culture system, was recently introduced and is very easy to install and run. The water reservoirs are filled with nutrient-rich water, and the plants are grown on a Styrofoam platform. The major difference between the wick system and the water culture system is how you deliver water-based solutions to your plants.

Here, you need to combine the raft system with the water reservoirs and keep an eye on the water flow. In our opinion, this system is best for growing lettuce and similar plants; hence, it is known as the lettuce raft system.

For setting up the entire system, you don’t have to burn your pockets, and minimal tools are required.

Aeroponic System

Aeroponic farming methods and hydroponics are often considered the same, but there are some differences. Aeroponic systems are quite complex compared to other hydroponics systems.

In Aeroponics, the plants’ roots are exposed to air and mist for a couple of minutes. The environment and mist are developed with water and nutrient-rich solutions. It is one of the best and highly-effective methods for growing plants without soil, but not the easiest one.

You need to invest in some highly sophisticated tools while doing aeroponic farming. The primary risk while considering aeroponic farming is any equipment doesn’t function appropriately, the plants will die within minutes. Hence, you need to have thorough knowledge about aeroponic farming, and a power backup source is mandatory.

Final Words

With the methods mentioned above, you can start hydroponics farming anywhere in India. In our opinion, hydroponics farming is not easy and also not advisable for beginners. However, if you’re still interested in hydroponics farming, seeking professional assistance is mandatory.

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