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Top 15 SEO Experts To Follow In 2020

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Around 3.5 billion people search every day on Google! This means that your website can attract thousands of visitors every day if you build your site correctly!

This is where “Search Engine Optimization” comes in! With more than 30,000 billion pages indexed by Google , and 20 billion sites visited, it is not easy to find and follow the right SEO experts who can help you with your SEO strategy!

In this article, I have created a bridge between the best SEO experts in the world and your needs for serious SEO expertise! You will no longer need Google when you are looking for a real SEO expert

I know how difficult it can be to develop the right SEO strategy – you don’t have all the time, research capacity, energy or an incredible brainstorming team to get there. This is why you should follow and learn from the best SEO experts!

While adapting to the ever-changing Google SEO rules and guidelines is extremely comprehensive, you can always keep an eye out for the SEO strategy models that the experts offer. By models, I am referring to website owners who hold leadership in SEO: and are most often consultants, trendsetters, passionate influencers, bloggers, SEO marketers .

The skills they have are just crazy, and it is all due to the usual curiosity, passion and patience it takes to stay in the loop and become an SEO expert.

It is thanks to these gurus that you will get a winning SEO formula!

If you have any SEO questions, join the recommended SEO community.

1. Brian Dean

Dean has resolved all of the classic SEO dilemmas:

  • You don’t have enough traffic,
  • SEO techniques overwhelm you
  • You just don’t understand how they work
  • Google Updates Complicate Your SEO Strategy

Does this sound familiar to you?

Dean is the founder of who has incredible expertise in SEO and backlink: his years of experience are confirmed by the very concrete results of his strategies.

If you follow his SEO blog, you will always come across innovative, fresh and unique solutions that will guarantee you success if applied on any of your websites.

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel has struggled to make his way into the already gigantic and established SEO community. However, he quickly became the best SEO expert in the world. Many renowned brands such as Viacom, GM, Amazon, TechCrunch, NBC and many others have relied on him to gain the popularity they now have.

Patel has both SEO and digital marketing experience that he shares through his incredibly useful guides, which are read by millions of people around the world.

3. Barry Schwartz

Barry is the founder of , who in 2003 had the original idea of ​​creating a reporting center to bring together the latest news and discussions from various SEM portals and forums.

As you can guess, the idea was a total and worldwide success.

Thanks to this portal, Barry Schwartz has become a key author on many articles in natural referencing.

4. Jon Cooper

Jon Cooper is a name that sounds even in the less tech savvy circles, and this is due to the turmoil he and his company have created in recent years.

But who is Jon Cooper? Cooper is the man to turn to in case you don’t know anything about backlinks.

His Point Blank SEO masterpiece specifically targets novice users and gives them a completely free backlink building guide with a simple email subscription.

You can participate in some of its training and courses for free targeting novice and professional users.

5. Richard Baxter

Baxter is known for his extreme passion for quality content and the development of streamlined methods of content creation.

If you share the same interest, I strongly recommend that you follow it.

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO, Richard Baxter exposes tips that you can use to optimize your content. He has collected most of them on his blog: ” Ideas that work in content marketing “.

You will find an interesting series of guides to discover for free on his blog Built Visible . It also provides a set of resources on its website.

6. Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines certainly knows how to write about marketing and has so far been featured in many popular publications, such as CrazyEgg, MOZ, HubSpot and others. When it comes to doing business online , there is a lot to learn from it.

Kristi has a personal Kikolani blog , which is one of the most popular contribution platforms today: many experts come to share their knowledge in copywriting, inbound marketing and SEO.

7. Bill Slawski

There are not many people in the world who can boast with strength and confidence of having more than 20 years of SEO expertise . Bill Slawski is one of those who can, as is your servant.

His SEO story started in the early 1990s, when he was contributing to his friend’s business site. It was then that he became interested in exploring the most advanced techniques in SEO.

In 2005, he founded SEO by the Sea , where he even today shares his unbiased observations and opinions on the SEO industry and its development.

8. Rand Fishkin

Fishkin is the incredible CEO of Moz . Which already says enough about the qualities of its SEO expertise.

In the world of digital marketing, he is recognized as the SEO wizard. The “teacher” is respected by both novice learners and experienced SEO consultants.

In the meantime, he co-founded , the same as the Art of SEO. For him, SEO is an art in its own right, and he describes himself as a contemporary artist. Nowadays, he also manages a variety of excellent blogs and SEO researchers with an incredible passion for different social signals and content quality improvement strategies.

9. Shahid Maqbool

Shahid won an award for the Top 50 Marketing & Advertising Leaders of 2019 . Which already says enough about the qualities of its SEO expertise. He is known as the best SEO Expert in Dubai.

In the world of digital marketing, he is recognized as the SEO guru. This is the person who knows what your business is lacking in. For him, SEO is an art in its own right, and he describes himself as a contemporary artist. Nowadays, he is working as a SEO Director in a well known SEO agency in dubai at House of Comms.

10. Loren Baker

Baker is the name behind SearchEngineJournal , the top ranked SEO news blog currently. Loren plays the role of the SEO guru who delivers “secrets” on his blog. It performs constant research and provides reliable information.

Baker believes that research is essential for the foundations of a solid SEO project with quality content, which is why I thought of recommending you a diligent reading of his blog.

Note that Baker is an extremely busy person who likes to be busy. In this way he directs the company Foundation Digital , specialized in the development of quality marketing strategies, and acts as a consultant with Alpha Brand as well as with many other media companies.

11. Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman has developed a strong multi-million dollar brand based on intelligence, integrity and determination: Pushfire .

Thanks to her achievements, Rae Hoffman is considered a true SEO professional with unlimited knowledge and incredibly powerful experiences in all branches of digital marketing.

12. AJ Kohn

AJ Kohn is another SEO expert who can boast of two decades of expertise and has written a multitude of excellent articles on SEO which can be useful to all readers, even those who know nothing about it.

He runs a blog that turns out to be a smart choice for experts and beginners, because the articles are written in a simple and easy to digest way.

13. Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan has worked hard on SEO to become what it is today, long before Google took charge.

Danny wrote his first article on search engine functionality in 1996, and has never stopped since.

Besides writing, Sullivan is a former editor of Search Engine Watch , a position he held just before founding his own blogs ( Marketing Land and Search Engine Land ).

14. Steve Webb

Webb is the founder and editor-in-chief of the blog “Web Gnomes” , the safe haven for all beginners who wish to obtain expert SEO advice . Webb’s advice is free, and it also offers its own SEO audit products at very high prices. The audits carried out by Steve have brought their users undeniable success.

Webb does not often publish content, but the articles on its blog are of high quality and are of great use to any business or online marketer.

15. Cody Lister

Cody Lister has brought together all the most extraordinary practices of digital marketing on one of the best mailing lists in the world, through its website. A model to popularize and study closely.

Rather than producing tons of articles, its MarketDoc website presents long case studies produced personally at least once a month. Each of his articles contains an average of 4500 words, although the style is considerably academic, they are written in great detail.

Are you already following one of the SEO experts mentioned above?

If not, you should add them to your favorites.

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