The Hidden Agenda of Educational

The Hidden Agenda of Educational Contests Such as Spelling Bee



Education is one of the essential parts of our lives, and while we learn other things in life, we need to understand that it is important to never put all your eggs in one basket by banking on some particular thing to click for you. We as students and adults must keep focused on the fact that whatever happens, we must keep our attention glued to the fact that we need to get ourselves educated so that even if anything does not click for us or that we fail in something in life we still have the opportunity to make something of our lives since education helps to give you a guarantee to getting paid at any level that may be. For this, we need to understand that while we focus on other entertainment, we must shift our entertainment into an educational contest, which will help improve spelling bee words for adults and children. This is our responsibility as experienced people to understand and educate our young ones to figure out how important education and schooling are to the young generation, especially in the given situation of ever-advancing technology and modernization.

People invest in such Tv shows and contests because it helps to further their monetary agenda and is also a great source of educational entertainment. Such entertainment, in a period where vulgarity and other abusive content receive a better rating, is a rare idea to conceive and even more challenging to implement. The fact that such a unique method of putting content out makes the importance of education a highlight and helps promote the contest and the show. Students are asked for spelling at the spelling bee, but the words sometimes are so hard that even the adults fail to spell them out. While spelling bee itself is a student or kids-oriented contest, we must focus on the fact that there are other spelling games for adults available on platforms such as google, android, and IOS. And while such games get little attention, they are a great way to involve people at a family event since they are available in charades and acting-based contests. We need to understand that while such games go unnoticed, we need to focus on the fact that we should realize that these things help to promote education and the passion for learning, much like what spelling bee is doing. This makes digital platforms a way to improve knowledge in general and helps to bring entertainment off the television screen and onto mobile phone screens. Since most people do own a minimum of a cell phone with a substantial specification that can run such applications, it makes these applications that much more logical and feasible. The feasibility of such applications also helps them have a significant number of users, making for commercial sense in terms of using the platform as a marketing tool for such education-related businesses.

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Hence the agenda for such applications is to make their system in a way which helps such businesses to earn a substantial number of revenue while keeping the core of the idea related to education and education-related activities which involves quizzes, trivia-based question and exciting segment which helps to keep the audience’s focus while maintaining the educational aspect intact. Other businesses, such as online tutoring in the shape of, have also received more considerable attention since people ‘s attention is now diverting towards getting knowledge regarding the topics that are discussed in the contest.


In conclusion, we need to understand that the agenda of such contest and tv shows is to firstly bring in more considerable attention to the educational aspect of the idea. Since the idea revolves around educated children contesting with each other on the basis of educational or spelling purposes, we can see that it provides influence on the younger and the elder lot in a way that they give more attention to spelling and learning. Secondly, these sorts of applications have an agenda to generate significant revenue as well. Since the idea revolves around skilled students, spelling out difficult words helps add drama and suspense whether such difficult concepts can be spelled out by these children. Thirdly, it helps to focus on multiple niches at once just due to the mere fact that these applications are available on the mobile phone either from an android origin or an apple origin. But the lesson to learn here is that in today’s environment we see that there is a lack of such contests and television shows for which the awareness is decreasing gradually. For which there is no such influence that would help the students of today to shift their focus from other things education. For this, it show how far along these contests and other shows are in terms of helping students to bring their attention towards educat

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