5 Bathroom Vanity Guidelines

Suit Your Vanities Better With These 5 Bathroom Vanity Guidelines

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Want to utilize your bathroom space more effectively? It’s simple of course. All you have to do is gift yourself a perfect set of bathroom vanities. Their long range and variety of shapes and sizes allow you to opt for the ones which suit your bathroom décor perfectly. On the other hand, however, if you already have decided to opt for them, and are looking for designs, you might want to think about how they can be put to better use based on your bathroom space and usages.

Nowadays, the availability of discount bathroom vanities has made it easier to use them for bathroom remodeling due to their variety of shapes and sizes, cost-effectiveness and high durability. However, there are many considerations that will do you good if you want to have a perfect bathroom vanity that blends in function and fashion.

Here are 5 guiding points to help you decide on an effective bathroom vanity:

  1. Space and usage: A vanity is designed to give way for better bathroom utilization and thus should never come in the way of bathroom usage. It is always better to opt for a vanity that is space-efficient. Another thing to consider here is the people who will be using the bathroom. Opting for a wall-mounted wholesale cabinet with a neutral height will enable both kids and adults to use it without any inconvenience.
  1. Style of Vanity: Based on freestanding or wall-mounting, there are 3 fundamental vanity styles-
  • Transitional

These are simple vanities with a clean-line design that carries a transitional appeal of both the traditional ways and the trendy class.

  • Modern

These vanities have streamlined finishes with bold designs and sharp angles that reflect modernity carrying higher space and utility. They do not incorporate carvings at all and are minimal in their looks.

  • Traditional

This style carries classic elements like a designed structure, wooden hardware, and ornate carvings. This style is more preferred by those who want to give their kitchen a vintage feel.

While a freestanding vanity is easier to install and gives a more traditional feel, a wall-mounted vanity, although requiring professional help for installation, looks much more modern and is more beneficial due to its height flexibility. Also, wall-mounting leads to more space availability thus making the bathroom appear spacious.

  1. Type of Sink: There are 3 fundamental types of sinks to opt from. It may also depend on the type of discount bathroom vanities you opt for.
  • Under-mount

Such sinks are mounted under the countertop. With no exposed edges, they are easy to clean and maintain. They are a great choice for your bathroom décor, be it traditional, trendy or transitional.

  • Integrated

Such sinks are themselves the countertops. Easy to install and clean, they offer a nice modern appeal and are better suited to a modern bathroom décor.

  • Vessel

In this type, a basin is literally made to sit on top of the countertop. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to give you the perfect look you desire for your wholesale cabinet design. They provide a nice transitional appeal.

  1. Number of sinks and type of faucet: While the number of sinks varies between one and two, a single-handed faucet is more utility-based while a widespread faucet is preferred more often opted for its looks.

A double sink brings in more usability as two people will be able to use it simultaneously while a single sink is for smaller bathrooms with a more personalized experience.

  1. Countertop Material: Deciding for the countertop material depends both on your choice and your budget. Here are a few common types-
  • Granite

Perhaps one of the most luxurious materials for countertops, these are a perfect addition to any discount bathroom vanities design. They are very much durable and long-lasting.

  • Marble

Next in line to granite, marble is a common option due to its affordable price and sleek looks. However, the drawback is that they stain easily than granite.

  • Polymarble

Man-made material made up of stone powders that are resistant to scratches and stains.

Going for a bathroom remodeling is a great option only when you know how to go about it. Or it will only lead to a huge budget without proper utility and efficiency. Keeping the 5 above-mentioned points in mind will help you to give your bathroom the perfect vanity that is functional and suits your lifestyle.

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