Special Birthday Cake

Seal your long distance relationships with a Special Birthday Cake – Here’s How



You know what’s the most beautiful part of a relationship? It’s the two people living in it and the two hearts who choose to live together amidst all the complexities. No matter how many miles apart you are you can surprise your loved ones with something fingerlicious to celebrate those little moments in life. In this fast paced tech savvy world where we are technically living apart but technologically just a click away our strings are always intertwined with our loved ones. Well let me cut this short for you, because it’s really not the time to sob the old memories but actually make your chaps feel like a lord on their big days. Everyone loves cakes, no matter how cold a man is they would never say no to a kuchen. When you can physically not be able to amaze your darlings with a cake on their birthdays, ordering a customised artistic cake online can do full justice to your character and will be your best replacement. Certainly not the best but emotionally it can strengthen your bond to all new levels as it shows how much you care.

It’s the small things in life that matter and cherishing those moments ignites your love that definitely calls for a sweet cake celebration. Where gone are the days of sober vanilla and chocolate cakes, people actually appreciate the delicacy of lavish piquant personalized cakes. And the best part is you can order birthday cakes online and get it delivered at your doorstep where you don’t even have to step out of the house at midnight or take an expensive flight to the lover’s home for their birthday. Cherry on the cake is, you can even customise it as per the occasion and your requirements or even request to add a special love note for your beau.

Here are the different options of Birthday Cakes you can order online:

  1. Photo Cakes: This is one of the most lovable cakes of all times as it carries a lot of emotions with the picture you choose to place in it. In this type of cake, you can send a picture of the person whose birthday it is online to the website and they will specially curate the cake with the picture and make it more special for that person with a love note. Also, if it is your anniversary and due to work commitments you’re staying away with your spouse you can send your couple picture online and a designer romantic cake for your anniversary with that picture will get delivered to your partner’s doorstep at the desired time.
  1. Heart Shaped Cakes: No Cake makers are not the ordinary, they go unconventional to make your sweethearts blush and make their Birthday’s more special. A heart shaped cake is something you will not easily spot selling in the markets, but our special bakers design these classic cakes for your lovers. Available in more than 50 flavours you can customise it as per your choice, we can even add your picture on the cake as an icing on the cake that might lift up the recipient’s mood even more. But let us warn you our heart shaped cakes are gonna steal your lover’s heart away so order this cake online at your own risk.
  2. Designers cakes: How about getting your fantasies all handmade for you in the form of a cake which you can literally eat? Well this cake is literally the talk of the town and everybody is running after themed cakes these days. Imagine your girl being a huge Chanel bag fan and you are actually gifting her a Chanel bag cake which she can eat all at once or your boyfriend being a crazy Ferrari fan which you can actually not afford but you order a real Ferrari birthday cake online, which he can cut and show off on social Media. Themed cakes are actually special in all the senses as you are gifting the person something which they love and which nobody else is doing. You can also get an all dreamy fairy cake for your little daughter’s birthday, we swear it’s gonna look straight out of a Disney movie or giving a makeup junkie a cake which is loaded with all her makeup brands with edible lipsticks and digestible compacts. Sounds cool, isn’t it?Be it a moment of grand celebration or a small get together or a matter of immense joy,
  1. 5 star Cakes: The most selling premium range to relish your heart on. Be it a moment of grand celebration or a small get together or a matter of immense joy, everybody loves to get a 5 star treatment. These cakes are not just the Baker’s favorites but they are enough to make your tastebuds go Hawaii with it’s scrumptious tenderness and irresistible flavours that will make you go gaga till the last slice. Note our point. Each and every guest of yours is going to inquire about the place from where you bought it. Order this cake hasslefree birthday cake online and sit back home to do the birthday celebrations as our valet will deliver it to you before you’ll even get ready.
  2. Cartoon Cakes: Still a fan of Chota Bheem and angry birds, it’s always good to be a child at heart no matter at what age we are celebrating our birthdays. This one is for all the insane marvel fans who love celebrating life every moment even if they are 20 now. Talking about children, it is the most famous cake among kids as they love fenzy glittery birthday parties with obviously their favourite cartoon character adding up to the special day. You can without a doubt choose this cake for your children or even for your young friends with a naughty touch.

Going with the trend, you can always surprise your loved ones with customised cakes on their special days with just a click by sitting anywhere in this world. All it takes is your love, internet and our passion to make your day special. We at Floweraura believes in the pureness of relationships and how cakes add on to the beauty of your emotions. Our designs are crafted in a way by our world class bakers that will win your hearts and make a cake you’ll remember for years. All you have to do is browse a design, select the shape and order your pitch-perfect birthday cake. We make your hearts come closer with our small effort of bringing you the most unique and delightful cake to celebrate your taste buds with love and richness.

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