Peter Max Provides a Glimpse Into His Remarkable Career

Peter Max Provides a Glimpse Into His Remarkable Career



Over the years the world has seen a number of artists, some are remembered long after their death and some never get the recognition that they deserve. All artists are defined by the work they do, and how they depict a story through their canvas. Peter Max is an exceptional artist who has made a great name for himself in the domain of pop art. He is a dynamic artist who has worked on numerous themes in his decades’ long career. The 1999 Woodstock stage, a Norwegian Lines cruise ship, a Continental Airlines jet, Mural walls and even Taylor Swift’s album cover, all of them at least once have served as a canvas to Peter’s art.

It was in the streets of New York where the concept of pop art began, and rose to popularity just subsequent to the rise of Abstract Expressionists. There have been a number of well known pop artists in the world over the years and Peter Max is one of them. He has created a plethora of vibrant and colorful works, some of which even has become an integral element of the contemporary American culture.

His use of colors, whimsical shapes, and cosmic characters made Peter Max one of the prime international icons when it comes to pop art during the period of 1960s and ‘70s. For several years fans have flocked up to his exceptional psychedelic art, which included clothing, art books, posters, paintings, sneakers and a number of household items.  Max has additionally wielded his incredible palette for multiple television shows, important sporting events, magazine covers, and even American presidents.

Peter Max describes some of his most popular works as surrealist in nature. A number of his works tend to have figures soaring in and out of the sky and rainbows. The vivid colors and themes used by him, his work can be considered to be “up” surrealism as they usually invoke uplifting and positive feelings.  His work ideally started to come out of the domain of surrealism into realism as he gradually started to print his work on various everyday objects and household items like bed sheets and towels.  

Exploration of major American icons used to be among the key themes of the works of Peter Max. He has over the years captured the likeness of multiple celebrities like the Beatles and Taylor Swift, American politicians, athletes, as well as various other international public figures. He is famed to have produced multiple portraits for former American Presidents, Barack Obama (44 Obamas) and Bill Clinton (100 Clintons). His admiration for the women present in his life subsequently led Max to develop a series portrait of female sitters. His penchant for astronomy can also be witnessed in Max’s work. In many of his compositions he has incorporated cosmic motifs. He has also tried to bring the popular practice of yoga to America with the help of his artwork.

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