Learn How to Explain Your Low GPA During College Admission

Learn How to Explain Your Low GPA During College Admission



As per experts, if any student gets lower grade in the examination then he should own the responsibility rather than blaming their teachers.

You can always calculate your GPA by visiting the website of Campus Reel and in case you find that your GPA is low then you certainly need to explain for getting lower GPA.

However, while giving your explanation there are some dos and don’ts that you must remember. Otherwise your explanation will never help your cause.

Few Dos

  1. Explain your problem that was beyond your control

Never hesitate to explain the reasons for lower grade if it was due to any unexpected reason which was totally beyond your control. Some reasons can be as follows:

  • Your parents lost their job
  • Death of any of the parent
  • Prolonged illness
  • Fatal accident

You must also contact your school and ask them to guide you how you can explain your reasons and also ask them to provide certain documents to justify your explanation.

  1. Think twice while writing reasons about consistent lower grade

In case, you have been consistently failing to get better score due to your own negligence, then there is no need give reasons for your consistent failure.

If you link any one of the failures because of certain reasons then explanation for your failure will not be too convincing. Since your results were not any better even in normal situation too.

It will be better to avoid giving any explanation for consistent failure.

  1. Show your inner strength

It is not necessary that you can score better in all subjects, particularly those subjects that you have no interest or you never want to pursue in future too. Be honest about explaining the same.

Rather you must try to highlight your inner strength on certain subjects where you can always show better result and also you want to make career out of that. You can certainly get success if you are honest about it.

Few Don’ts  

  1. Never blame your teacher

If you think that you could not score better in certain subject just because the teacher was not too good or he did not make enough effort to help students to teach the subject, however true it may be, but you must never highlight that.

In case any other student has scored better in the same subject then your explanation will be immediately rejected. It will rather reflect your weakness on that particular subject.

  1. Never assume that essays can be only way to explain about your GPA

Rather your teacher who taught you in the class where you may have struggled can always defend your case by recommending your college application.

Often teachers or counsellors can offer recommendation letter for certain candidates and can explain your efforts made in the class and contributed in many other ways.

Most of the experts for college admission think that students who have obtained lower GPA must rather explain how they reacted to their failure in the past as well as how they plan to respond in future.

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