Before Purchasing A Cabin or Cottage

Lån – Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Cabin or Cottage



Pretty sure that we have plans to buy a cabin or a cottage someday because this could be our dream house or something that a person close to us recommended, based on his experience or expertise. Well, if this is what we would like to achieve for our family, then we would gladly do everything to get this not only as an asset but for our children to inherit. Maybe some of us will try our best to work harder so that we can save money for this property while others will deal with lenders – go to to find affordable loans.

Keep in mind that to buy any type of house means that you need a large sum and to save for this is quite tough because it will take you years before producing funds for this project. So if you found this cabin today at a very low price, then maybe the value is already doubled or tripled after 10 years. This only means that we have to grab the chance to buy such properties while the price is still affordable because we are going to wait longer, then someone could buy this, too.

Remember that we are not the only person who is interested to get a cottage because some people love to invest in houses that they can use as vacation houses while others would buy one for tenants to lease. I guess it is better to just apply for a loan so that you can borrow funds because this is the only way to get a hold of this cottage which is indeed perfect for the whole family to relax. However, before sending such a request to borrow certain amounts, you need to consider a few things that can help us decide what cabin to buy.

What are cottages and cabins?

If you enjoy nature, then you’ll surely want to buy a cottage or cabin near a mountain, hill, lake, or beach to fully achieve the experience that you are looking for in such environments. But if you prefer to be a bit rustic, then you should look for a cottage type of home that is made out of stone and brick, which is a bit small but rewarding to own. And then, those who want a house structure made of wood or log must purchase a cabin – find out more about how cabins and cottages are different. 

I guess individuals who like outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing prefer to buy a cabin even when there are just a few features because they can use every space to keep their tools or equipment. To have this home would be an advantage to most outdoor enthusiasts because they do not need to carry their stuff every time they go camping or fishing. If this place is just a couple of hours’ drive from your family, then you will surely come often.

Anyway, if you wish this to be your primary home, then that would be fine, too, because living in the countryside is always refreshing. As a human, you should live in a place where you can have peace of mind and if it makes you happy.

Factors To Consider

First of all, choose a safe location that suits your preferences so would it be near the woods or the coast? This would surely be your getaway place which means that it has to be something comfortable and convenient for your needs. You can usually see the photos of the location online but it would be best to also visit this so that you can get to know how it feels like to stay there since that would be yours in the future. 

How about the weather in this area, know the seasons that usually fall here, especially if you are planning to stay often. The amenities are important, too, because the facilities or various services near your future home are necessary to enjoy your stay since you might get bored, then end up selling this property. Do not forget that you should also consider the cost of living here, especially the taxes or insurance.

Who will stay with you and how many rooms do you need? Living alone is not a problem even when this is just a small space but staying with your family means that you need a bigger space.


I supposed the biggest factor that you need to consider is the funding when buying a cabin or cottage because it could either be in cash or loan installment basis. Pretty sure that you have prepared for this project so how much did you save because it would be great to have funds for upgrades or renovations and maintenance as well. Anyway, if you plan to look for a lending company, then make sure to select one with the best conditions and affordable offers.

You can apply for a cash-out refinance for a mortgage when the value of your equity is high because this will allow a borrower to apply for a new loan if you have an existing loan. A home equity line of credit or HELOC from your house is also a possible way for your funding so you should know the value of your property. If you are still allowed to take out a new mortgage and if you can still manage to repay your monthly obligations, then this fund can be very helpful but you must prepare a significant down payment which is usually required.


Investing in properties are great hobby because you might one day want to sell or lease them so it could be another source of income or funds in the future. And then, if you own a cabin or cottage, you don’t have to book for one when you would like to spend a vacation in the countryside. That would be a good way to save some money.

This is also a good place to bond with your family or friends. We don’t always have time to gather because finding a perfect place is not easy. But when you have a cabin or cottage near the beach, then that would be a place full of memories with them.

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