Know the Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements of Northwestern University

Know the Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements of Northwestern University



Northwestern University has got a rich history just like its academic program. This university was developed in 1850 to serve the needs of the entire Northwest Territory. Started with just a single building, this college has eventually expanded to become one of the most reputed universities in the nation.

Let us know more about admission at North Western University.

About Northwestern University

Northwestern University is home to twelve colleges, and schools with around 3,300 faculty and 21,000 total registered students. It has donation of around $10 billion that ensures its students it will continue to deliver top amenities and resources with close to $700 million expense on research every year.

Presently, Northwestern University is situated twelve miles north of Chicago. It is located on the coasts of Lake Michigan. Campus Reel is a reputed place that guides students with the procedure to seek a transfer to Northwestern University.


It is ranked among the top ten universities throughout the nation. It boasts top programs in areas of business, education, and journalism.

What is the acceptance rate for admission at Northwestern University?

In 2018, this university has received a total of 40,425 applications from initial first-years. The university has accepted around 3,392 students into the 2022 class that has resulted in Northwestern Transfer Acceptance Rate of 8.4%.

Who should apply for this college?

It is one of the most desired universities in the world. It is ideal for students who are interested in enrolling in a larger university with a competitive academic program.

Ways to apply in Northwestern University

It provides a series of different processes for transfer application. It includes procedures for transfer students and international students. The “QuestBridge” program is meant for high school seniors that show exemplary academic ability.

Traditional applicants can decide between Regular Decision and Early Decision. The deadline for early decision is decided as November 1st, whereas the deadline for Regular Decision is decided as of January 1st.

Important Documents to Submit

It is important to submit the following documents to apply for a college transfer at this University.

  • The Common Application or Coalition Application
  • An official transcript, and secondary school report formed by the counselor
  • A minimum of one recommendation obtained from a teacher
  • One recommendation letter from the counselor
  • A mid-year report made by a school official, or counselor
  • Test results from the ACT, or the SAT
  • Complete waiver of application fee or Non-refundable application fee of $75
  • Supplemental application essays for Northwestern University
  • Early Decision Agreement for only Early Decision applicants
  • Music audition for only School of Music applicants
  • Midyear transcript for only Regular Decision applicants
  • Need for homeschooled applicants for three SAT subject tests

In addition to the above requirements, there are a few more requirements for students. This includes the Integrated Science Program, the Honors Program in Medical Education, the Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, and the School of Communication candidates to the Music Theatre Certificate Program.


If you are looking for getting admission at Northwestern University, then the above information will prove to be very useful.

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