Key Guide to Fantasy Basketball

Key Guide to Fantasy Basketball



Sporting apps and websites are an essential part of the entertainment industry.  Fantasy sports are currently in trend these days and are gaining colossal fame. These are played using the internet where players gather virtual teams of real players of a professional game like cricket or basketball. Sports enthusiasts from different fields come together on this platform, which examines their knowledge and skills. Adverts, fan clubs, and marketing fuel-up the sports fever increasing affection for fantasy sports.

What is Fantasy Basketball? : Fantasy sports have been around 1980s. The first fantasy league was invented by a sportswriter named Daniel Okrent. Sports fantasy basketball is similar to traditional fantasy basketball. Players build a team of NBA players and earn points based on their performance. Their performance is converted into points that are compiled according to a roster selected by each team’s manager. Team owners can draft, trade, or drop players. Fantasy Basketball games last only for a day.

How to Play: Watching NBA basketball isn’t enough. Thanks to fantasy basketball; this is an excellent option for casual fans and sports enthusiasts. To play it, we need to be familiar with its format. Typically, there are four ways to score in this game.

  • Points: It is the simplest style of fantasy basketball. The team that collects the most points wins. It is determined weekly with a lineup deadline.
  • Head to head points: Rosters compete against one another in various statistical categories. To achieve victory, you have to total the most points. The preset value determines the total for each statistic.
  • Head to head Roto: You play against members of your league. Losses and wins help in determining who makes it to playoffs. Players who score the most statistics in the categories of steal, assists, rebound, etc. are the winners.
  • Roto: Number of teams in a league determines the number of points. Team with best statistics for a category achieves scores based on the number of teams in the league.

Learning about the rules: The most common rule variations are as follows:

  • Categories: It involves about three to eleven categories, which involve assists, points, rebounds, steal, turnovers, etc.
  • A number of teams: They can be public or private. The private league consists of about any number of players. Players are well-experienced while public league may comprise of 10- 12 teams.
  • Types of Drafts: They help to decide on a game strategy. Some types are :
  1. Straight Drafts: As the order is established, users select NBA players one at a time. The order can be regular (same pick in every round) or can be reversed. They can be conducted online as well as in person.
  2. Auto Drafts: Teams are selected automatically and not by competing team owners. The selection criteria are based on the rankings.
  3. Auction Drafts: General Manager initiates with a predetermined budget. Auction Drafts do not follow a specific order. A player is offered a bid by the owner of a team, and then a final price is established.

Some tips to consider: Follow these tips to master this fantasy basketball game:

  • Be familiar with rules and keep a check on ranking. Making the right choice is essential. A player’s ranking is his value that brings to the team. The format of your league helps to decide the player’s ranking.
  • Pay attention to draft rankings in your league. It will give an insight into the shortage or abundance of good players. Start your drafting at the beginning to draft the best players. The key is to evaluate the teams that make it to the championship.
  • Since it is a game of high impact, players may get injured just like they get in real life. Avoid players who are prone to injury as this may affect your game and increase the chance of missing the games.
  • Roster movement and offseason trades are the things you need to pay attention in fantasy basketball. More usage means more stats, which means more value. The player that moves to a new team gets more opportunities. All you require is a higher fantasy value.
  • Keep a check on waivers. As games are played every day, you must have players on the roster that can fill the void when needed. You can drop and add them again, depending on when they play. The more players you get, the more are chances of scoring points.

How does scoring work? You need to understand how to properly score with the help of the following factors:

  • League format: It determines the categories and checks what players are eligible for each of those categories. The stat is compared to the previous game or average stat and then determined either a positive or negative one. If it is positive, players receive a point for that category.
  • Player allowance: Some league use 15 players per team format while others use 12 or less to keep things more simplified. You need to follow each player in all categories your league scores on if it is a standard 15 player format.
  • Scoring System: The most significant factor to consider is scoring type your league uses
  • Win/ Loss: If a chosen format is a win/ loss category, it allows us to score players. Then add up all the win and losses at the end of the season and compare each team’s records. The person with the best records takes the win.
  • Point System: You score the player in each category while some may be more valuable than others. At the end of the season, you add up your points, and the person with the highest ones wins the league’s season. Categories that are more worth than others are based on stats.

Fantasy sports are constantly growing, and a lot of money is being invested in these businesses today. It is a great way to earn money while using your sports knowledge. It requires passion and knowledge for basketball. If you are a beginner, go for practice leagues or start with lower leagues. Playing Fantasy Basketball for money is 100% safe and legal as per the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Score points for your player’s performances, and you can win real cash. You can also earn through referrals at various apps and compete against other users.

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