Which Printer is Better for Home or Office Use

Inkjet vs. Laser: Which Printer is Better for Home or Office Use?



Pondering on which printer should you purchase for your home or office use? Well the choice is between inkjet and laser printer and to understand which one is better for you, you should know the pros and cons associated with each one of them. Here, you are lucky, you get the fundamentals researched and put together for you to be able to make this decision in an efficient manner.

First of all, let’s understand what an inkjet printing and laser printing hour. Injured printing undertakes creation of a digital image through putting ink spots on paper, while, laser printing is the production of digital images through scan of laser beams athwart photoreceptors.

In general, due to the easy availability as well as minimal cost involved, inkjet printers are mostly used over the laser ones. Nevertheless, with the increased competition, the laser printers are as well available at comparatively lower prices than before and in different sizes to suit various needs.

Inkjet Printers


 This is just the right printer for photos as well as documents that have heavy images. This is so because it does a good job of blending smooth colours in comparison to laser printers.

  • There is low cost involved in inkjet printers and therefore, are less expensive as compare with laser printers.
  • Such printers can take print on several kinds of paper, such as, glossy photo paper, textured stationery as well as thin fabrics.
  • The warm-up time prior to printing is negligible.
  • The inkjet cartridges are capable of being refilled and reused and therefore, reduces waste.
  • Inkjet printers, in comparison to laser printers are lighter and smaller and therefore, easier to be maintained.


  • Since the ink of ink jet is water-based, there is susceptibility of prints being damaged and faded by water.
  • There is frequent cleaning that ink cartridges need. Even though this maintenance is performed by printers automatically, there is a lot of ink wasted.
  • In case of printing high volumes, the inkjet printers get slower. So, if you want to take a print of your thesis and receive it on email through an Assignment Help service provider, it will take time to print the entire attachment.
  • At times, when the printing is done on the plain office paper, certain inject printers give grey text in output.
  • The injured printers that are for home or small office purpose, have paper trays with low capacity, which can hold about 50 to 60 sheets at a time and the output trays do not exist.

Laser Printers


  • The performance of laser printers is quite faster in comparison with that of inkjet printers. This feature may not be quite visible if the pages that you print are a few only however, if you print high volume of pages the difference will be quite noticeable. Their swiftness is like the My Assignment Help services available online.
  • The text that is produced by laser printers is just the perfect black text that you would like to see on the prints. Therefore, you should choose laser printers if you want to print something that has a lot of text and less of graphics. In comparison to inkjet printers, laser printers can comparatively effectively handle phones and fine lines.
  • Laser printers at the right choice if you have to print high volume of paper every day.
  • Laser printers are preferred over in jet printers if the comparison is made price by price for the documents that are more of text. Even though it cannot be disputed that they are quite expensive, comparatively more of sheets are printed by laser toner cartridges in comparison to that of inkjet cartridges keeping the cost factor in mind. And yes, there is less of wastage.


  • The laser printers take time to warm up, even though they work faster.
  • Even though, in the long run, the toner is cost effective, the initial cost faced for laser printing or higher.
  • In an instance that toner leaks in the printer it is equivalent to a mess.
  • There is less flexibility that the laser printers have with regards to printing materials. It cannot manage anything that is heat-sensitive.
  • Simple graphics can be handled well by laser printers, nevertheless, it faces challenge when it comes to smooth photographs. Therefore, if you want to print your photos, inkjet printers is a better choice.
  • In comparison to the inkjet printers, laser printers are quite heavy in weight and bigger in size too.

Consequently, from the above it can be derived that making a decision on either you should purchase an inkjet printer or a laser printer, can be based on listing down your usages-as to what you want to print and the volume of print. Small, graphical printing, printing of photos, printing of school projects, suits better to inkjet printers. However, if you have large volumes to print and the documents to be printed are mostly comprised of text, a laser printer is a better option. 

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