How to make use of a load board?

How to make use of a load board?



Those who have recently started as delivery drivers or are new to trucking industry can quickly find out the benefits of online load boards. Yes, they are the most effective way to search and book loads. A load board is basically an online platform where shippers advertise their loads and truckers and delivery drivers can bid on it as per their preferred region and route. Once they win the bid, they can perform that particular delivery. The article will offer you more details about how to make use of a load board in the right manner.

How does a load board works?

A load board in simple words is a place to connect shippers and carriers. In the first stance, the shipper posts the load board with the description about what item needs to be moved, from which place to which place and other pertinent info. The carrier then searches the load board to look for freight options accessible to them to carry.

Eventually, both the delivery driver and shipper benefit from using a load board. The trucker gets a job opportunity to fill his empty truck with a freight load and the shipper can move their freight with ease at an amount they can happily pay. However, a load board offers shipper several other benefits too. They may have overflow load which needs to be moved instantly and shippers may not have a list of truckers to select from to carry the freight. A load board gives them a handy opportunity to do so. Carriers benefit from using a load board because they can fill their idle truck and earn some income.

Tips to use online load boards

  • Sign up on a free load board such as Shiply. Just mention your details like name and address.
  • Make your profile as it offers credibility to your work/company.
  • Look for loads by filtering your preferred region, area or route.
  • As soon you find load, contact the shipper.
  • Once you have made the contact, you can bid the price which you want to charge to transport the shipment from the pickup location to the drop location.
  • When the shipper accepts your bid, then an agreement will be sent to you.
  • Once you submit the agreement along with any other requested document, you can get the pick details of the shipment with rate confirmation from the shipper.

How to post on load boards?

In case you want shippers and freight brokers to come across, then post all your required details right from the type of truck you own, the location you want to pick up and delivery, how much shipment you can handle to what is your preferred route.

How to book loads?

As soon as you find a trucker with the right vehicle and equipment, you can book loads. Just bargain the rate and send the carrier agreement to start the delivery. Make sure you ask for an insurance copy.

Shiply is an online free load board that offers carriers and shippers simple and hassle-free transactions.

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