How to do Camping in the Desert 2020

How to do Camping in the Desert 2020



For many, camping in the desert may seem crazy, however, for those who like the extreme, this experience can be deeply wonderful and full of multiple challenges.

All desert environments are not the same, and this detail should be kept in mind when planning camping in the desert, however, you have characteristics in common.

In this article, we will tell you the details to take into account if you want to camp in a place as inhospitable as the desert, without this necessarily meaning that you cannot enjoy and spend time with your family in these types of places.

What should I keep in mind when camping in the desert? 4 Aspects

  1. Climate is one of the elements common to all deserts. During the day the temperatures are high and at night the temperature tends to drop drastically, so during the day it feels intense heat, and late at night, it feels extremely cold.
  2. There are no nearby water sources, although I am obvious, it is worth keeping it in mind, in order to accurately calculate the amount of water that should be carried to camp in a place like this.
  3. There is no vegetation and its fauna is little; Therefore, a camping trip in the desert does not have much to do with getting to know the types of animals or plants that exist there but to experience the environment as a whole.
  4. Coyotes and small animals such as the scorpion are generally present, so caution and care must be taken where the camp is to be set up.

What camping gear should you bring to camping in the desert?

Now that you have understood some important aspects of the desert, I am sure that you are more aware of what this place can offer you, such as Evening Desert Safari Dubai, and then we are going to pack what is really necessary for this experience between the sun and sand.

Camping equipment for the desert

  • The tent, preferably choose one that is resistant to the winds and also traps heat, but also has ventilation, as we mentioned before, at night the cold is extreme and in the day the heat is exhausting.
  • Sleeping bag, this must be filled with feathers, so we guarantee that it retains the heat of our body and we can counteract the cold at night.
  • First aid kit, includes among the basic medicines an antivenom serum: we recommend this serum since in many desert areas there are different species of snakes that generally hide in the sand, and by mistake or carelessness we could be victims of a snake bite.
  • Sunscreen, this element is vital in the desert, the sun can be very intense, therefore you must protect your skin and above all not expose yourself unnecessarily.
  • Repellent.

Survival Equipment For Desert Camping

  • Flashlight with long-lasting batteries and an extra pair.
  • Candle and lighters.
  • Multipurpose knife.
  • Compass or GPS, it is very important to have these devices, since disorientation in the desert is very frequent, especially for those who experience it for the first time.
  • A map of the place where you are going to camp and its surroundings, having this information at hand can be vital to avoid getting lost.
  • A couple of radios, it may happen that in some deserts due to their great extension there is no telephone coverage and it is easier to capture the radio frequency.
  • Cans to store water.

Personal items for camping in the desert

To camp in the desert, you must bring your personal hygiene and hygiene products, liquid soap, toilet paper, a hat, sunglasses, light clothing, and a water bottle.

In addition to this, remember that the type of garment that you must wear during your stay in the desert must be light colors to avoid attracting the sun’s rays.

Add to your camping backpack, bedspreads to protect you from the intense cold at night, temperatures can drop quickly.

If you have the opportunity, include a barbecue or barbecue, a stove, and a portable fridge. There are permanent camps in some deserts to house tourists, if you visit one of these camps you have the facility to use this equipment.

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