Different Dining Room Chandeliers - Tips on How to Hang Them

Different Dining Room Chandeliers – Tips on How to Hang Them

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In a dining arrangement, the chandelier is the spotlight. Choosing one of these exotic lighting needs serious thought because even an awesome design can fail if the right size is not chosen or it is not hung properly. The guideline that a dining room chandelier has to be ½ or 2/3rd of the dining table width in size is standard. A little wider and you can bump your head while getting up. The hanging height standard is 30” above the table surface. If the ceiling is high then hang 3” higher for each foot for height over eight feet.

Spherical raindrop chandelier

It offers an even illumination along with the chandelier’s striking appeal. The crystals look like raindrop hanging from an ideal sphere. It is a great option to center a small dining table.

Rectangular crystal raindrop chandelier

rectangular chandelier with a crystal raindrop concept is a great option for a large table. On Sofary.com, you can see how the intricately faceted glasses look glamorous. It can add dazzle and glitz to your dining arrangement.

Drum chandelier

There is a framework of shiny bronze that supports the whimsical glass sphere, which diffuses the light as well as enhances its decorative effect. The fixture needs 5 candelabra-style bulbs and the shade is 20” in diameter.

Smoke glass chandeliers

Smoked glass crystals hang below this small chandelier with height 14” and diameter 26”. It is a glossy modern shade that looks adorable over a small dining tabletop.

Twisted shape chandelier

A linear design, twisted in the shape of number ‘8’ has a ribbon of LED, which offers even illumination. The color and brightness can be controlled with a remote. The modern chandelier is 30” in length and available in gold, white, and black finishes.

Ring chandelier

It is a minimalist, perfectly sophisticated, appealing, and versatile statement piece. It is suitable for large tables because the canopy stretches up to 49” in length. You can adjust the strings available from 1” to 47” in length according to your ceiling height.

Sputnik chandelier

It is inspired by the atomic era yet looks timeless. Its structure is 33.4’ in diameter. The adjustable rod can fit different ceiling heights. The best option for 20 to 25 square meter dining rooms.

3 Ring adjustable LED chandelier

Adjustable strings help to choose fixture height and configure the rings, accordingly. The smallest ring is 15.75” and the largest one is 31.5” in diameter. The chandelier can be controlled with a remote that has features like timer, brightness, and color temperature.

Starburst chandelier

It needs 12 candelabra style bulbs, which illuminate a large dining room. You can even use this 22” starburst chandelier in small paces with a dimmer switch.

Pickup stick chandelier

Its strong sculptural shape is artistic and playful. It is a dramatic decorative item that accommodates 9 bulbs of 6 watts. You get this design in finishes like bright stainless steel and blackened brass.

Other chandeliers you can look for are the globe chandelier, spider chandelier, linear chandelier, concentric rectangular chandeliers, and the list goes on and on. Whatever your dining room theme is modern, traditional, rustic, vintage, etc. you can get the matching option.

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