How to Decorate the Rental Apartment on a Budget

How to Decorate the Rental Apartment on a Budget?

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Whether rental or owned, moving into a new apartment has never been easy. And the next challenging phase here is about the decor. If you’re in the rental space, you must be looking for the affordable decor solutions. Here’re a few suggested by the experts.

Moving into a rental apartment is quite stressful. And, decorating it is even more challenging. Renters are often stuck with existing dull wall, floor, cabinet and other finishes, which you can’t even change as it wouldn’t be wise enough to invest too much in the rental space. After adding on essentials like couches & tables, you can’t usually think of how to make a new place feel more like home.

The way in which a house is decorated can greatly influence when it is rented. A broken floor, with the paint in disrepair and old furniture is not attractive to careful people who want to feel in the rental house just as comfortable as they would be in their own. If the house is neglected, it will attract people who are looking for a temporary stay and life at home is not their priority, so they will not put in the maintenance of the apartment the same care that other tenants would put. If you are an owner, you will be interested in renting your apartment quickly and getting the best possible tenants.

Therefore, we’ve come up with some great ways to renovate a rental space while being on a budget and take it from drab to fab. So let’s dive in

Decorate the Rental Apartment on a Budget

Add Character to the Walls

You can easily make a Budget wall art even if you aren’t very much artistic. Go for the affordable Plain stretched canvases and you can paint almost anything on it. For simpler alternatives, use frame coordinating colors of pretty fabric to match up with the decor. Just scan through the market, and you’ll stumble upon the inexpensive Wall Decals. The best part! Most of these are made to remove easily. While investing in this, the greatest benefit you get is it can be applied to furniture & tile.

Curtains aren’t only supposed to cover windows. You can use the inexpensive curtains along a wall in order to create a nice feature and provide color and texture to your space. To further enhance a space, mirrors can be of great help. Moreover, mirrors also make the small spaces look larger & dark spaces look brighter. In case the landlord allows to paint, go for the light neutral colors so that it’s easier to repaint over before you move.

Invest in Convertible (Multi-Use) Furnishing

Multi-functional furnishing can be your true friend especially when you’re on a budget, space confined, and looking for the practicality in any purchase. For instance; the garden stools can serve as plant stands, side tables, and even seating. If you have enough room for a side table, use a bar cart as a side table. For sure, it’s cost-effective, and you can also bring it out when you have friends over.

In case the rental space is small, you should get along with the furniture that does double-duty. In a studio apartment, a sofa bed or Murphy bed can be very functional. Coffee tables that turn into dining table is an ideal solution for small spaces.

Lighting Adds Elegance

In rental properties, changing the existing lighting fixtures is usually not allowed. But in case some of the fixtures are ugly or not functional, you can ask the landlord to change it. If the landlord isn’t very much stereotype and appreciates the improvement, he might offer to replace it or perhaps reimburse you for doing so.

If you want to brighten up the drab space, the additional lighting would be helpful, and it’s quite affordable as well. When it comes to room lighting, make sure you think from top to bottom. Along with the Overhead lighting, you can get along with the lamp to have a soft glow or task lighting. But the floor must not be overlooked; add the floor up-lighting or accent lighting in order to highlight art, cabinets as well as bookcases.

Accessories Fit Perfectly

With accessories, you can add not only color but also the personality to a rental space. The best thing about apartments rental is that accessories are easily portable. To add uniqueness, go for handmade or vintage accessories. To add punches of color, you can get the throw pillows & small accessories like pottery, photo frames and book covers etc. For sure, you’ll get these items for quite a low price. And the best part! These little accessories can easily be painted, recovered or perhaps donated in case they don’t fit into your home.


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