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Sun follows rain – no problem with a roof over your head The advantages of patio roofs and glass houses made of aluminum are obvious: They are easy to care for and offer the greatest possible flexibility in any weather. When it’s warm, you can sit comfortably outside, while the patio canopy can act as sun or rain protection . If it gets windy or cool, the vertical glass elements can be closed quickly and easily. So you sit completely protected in your transparent terrace roomand yet in the middle of nature. The real glass roof provides additional light. In contrast to cheap imports from Asia, our quality aluminum patio roofs are made in Germany and meet the highest quality standards .

Discover the possibilities of your new patio enclosures in Columbia, SC roof and start the gardening season. With the addition of vertical elements, every patio roof becomes a whole glass house that also protects against wind and rain from the side.

Many supply patio roofs and greenhouses in many different variations and of course the corresponding accessories. On request, the aluminum patio roofs can be set up on site by our assembly service.

All the advantages of patio coverings at a glance:

  • Protection from rain and wind
  • Garden furniture and upholstery are safe from the weather
  • The terrace floor stays clean
  • Side walls to protect against prying eyes
  • Compatible with sun protection
  • Timeless design with clear lines
  • Materials of the highest quality
  • the aluminum powder coating is easy to clean
  • longevity
  • Professional execution
  • Individual advice

When the days get shorter in autumn and the cold season approaches, it becomes clear every year: It’s best to be at home. In wet and cold weather and in the dark, there is little need for activities in front of the door. Instead, the evenings with the family develop their own cosiness when the living room becomes the central place of family life. It is especially nice when a beautiful winter garden adjoins the living room , through which you can sit in the countryside without actually having to leave the house. But cosiness comes at a high price if the winter garden was not built using energy-saving methods . Then the heating bills cancause a year-round operation five times more energy than in the rest of the house. In contrast, energy-efficient conservatory systems based on the certified passive house standard, which we developed together with our supplier, are much more economical . In addition to the use of aluminum with additional insulating cores , great importance is attached to a solid foundation, special thermal glasses and low heat transfer values. This gives you maximum comfort with maximum thermal insulation.

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