Correcting Mistakes on Delta Air Tickets

Changing Names and Correcting Mistakes on Delta Air Tickets



 Do you love travelling by air? Have you ever faced the problem of an incorrect name on your flight ticket? If yes, you might have cancelled it and rebooked the ticket. However, now most reputed airlines like Delta Airlines offer its passengers a convenient facility to make ticket name changes through Airlines Name Change Policy , which makes the whole process easier.

So, what does Airlines Name Correction Policy do? In the most simple definition, it allows the passengers to change names and correct mistakes on Delta air tickets. However, it does not allow you to transfer your ticket to another passenger.

Read on to know more about changing names and correcting mistakes on Delta air tickets using the Airlines Name change policy.

Basics of Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

 Under this policy, the passengers can only make corrections to their names up to 3 characters. Misspellings are eligible for Airline name change on the ticket. One passenger can take benefit of this policy for only one time.  In Korean air, airlines do not levy any additional charge for making ticket name changes. Apart from this, you can take advantage of the name change policy only on fully unused or partially used air tickets. The passengers may also need to submit certain legal documents to confirm the name changes such as adoption proof, marriage certificate, or divorce decree. Last but not least, submit your Delta ticket name change request within 24 hours of booking for successful changes and corrections.

Method of Changing & Correcting Names Using Airlines Name Correction Policy

 You have three methods to change or correct your name on the Delta air tickets. They are as follows:

  1. Online- Through the Official Website
  2. Offline- By Visiting Airport Kiosk
  3. Telecom- By calling Customer Service

Here’s the process to do Online Name Changes/Corrections

 Visit the website of Delta Airlines.

  • Click on “Manage my travel.”
  • Enter the ticket number & traveller’s last name on the redirected page.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • Choose the booking that requires corrections or changes.
  • Click the “Edit” button.
  • Now, make the required changes/corrections to the name and click on “Confirm” to save the changes.

You will receive a confirmation mail on the verified email ID.

If you have to make changes up to 3 characters or other minor modifications, you can do it by yourself through the official airline’s website. However, if you need to make major changes such as a complete change of last name, legal name, etc., you’ll need assistance from airline representatives. Hence, you have to either visit the airport kiosk or contact customer service.

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