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Are you Allergic to these 12 Ordinary Things?



Many people around the world bear the bad experience of allergies. But those are caused by very rare things according to Allergy Asthma Consultants. Have you ever thought of having allergy reactions that are caused by the thing we use in our daily lives? Yes, there are patients that are allergic to the most ordinary things that we use at home, in-office or outdoors.

Common Allergies explained by Allergy Asthma Consultants

The below mentioned things are not only the types but also the causes of allergies. These can happen to children, adults and even the old. But most of the reaction occurs in childhood and losses its intensity as the child grows older.


When the inner lining of the lungs swells and causes inflammation; the person has difficulty in breathing. At many occasions, the swelling is less and other times it increases due to many factors. If there is an obstruction in the airway then the patients become oversensitive.

Dermatitis or Eczema

People with asthma are more likely to develop eczema. The allergens in the atmosphere are the major cause which results in a severe reaction caller dermatitis. When eczema that happened in childhood accedes in adulthood then it is called Atopic eczema.

Prescription Drugs

The doctors are very careful when giving prescription drugs because they can have given a very drastic reaction if it does not suit the patient. The doctors test the drugs that they are going to give and suggest the right one for the person.

Allergy to Food

Almost 7 to 10% of the people in the US are affected by food allergy. There are certain chemicals and compounds in the food that can affect the patient. Some of the symptoms are so intense that it can be life-threatening for the person. These foods include milk, soya, eggs peanuts, fish, wheat, shellfish and tree nuts.

Inflammation in the Nose

Two allergies can develop when there is inflammation in the nose and nasal cavity. One is a sinus infection and the other one is Rhinitis.  Sinus is caused when the nose structure is damaged or bacteria create there. Rhinitis is the result of allergens that present all around us.

Animal Allergy

When ordinary people are around animals they act natural but for those who have some kind of allergy; they are immediately affected by their presence.If you suffer from such a situation then it is best to rush to an allergy clinic like Atlanta Allergy Clinic.

12 Ordinary Things that can cause Allergy

There are many simple and ordinary things in your home and outside that are the cause of allergic reactions. Others can sue them easily and without tension but who have special body chemistry develop allergy just coming in contact with them.

Nickel Jewelry

The women are the most affected by nickel and other metal jewelry. The lesser expensive jewelryis made up of cheap metal that creates severe metal allergy on the skin.

Sheep Wool

There is some itchiness in the structure of the wool. But there is a wax that is naturally called lanolin present in the wool that can be the cause of allergy in people.

Detergents and Soaps

The detergents and soaps contain certain chemicals that cause severe eczema on the hands. If the components remain on the clothes then it can come into contact with the whole body.

Chamomile Tea

A lot of the people are allergic to ragweed which is the main ingredient in the chamomile tea. But there are other smells and aromas that can be the cause of runny nose and watering eyes.

Nuts and Raw Foods

Doctors and nutritionists both recommend eating healthy food and the best way to do it is to have them raw. But there are people who can’t have them in their natural state.

Skin Products and Cosmetics

Almost all of the cosmetic and skin products contain some type of chemical which can react with the skin causing rashes. Many people are prone to sensitivity that even herbal products react with the skin.

Cleaning Agents

The bleach in the cleaning agents is harmful and reacts with the skin. But when it is accidentally inhaled can trigger allergic reactions that can threaten the life of the patient.

Book and Paper

The used books can pile up dust which is a major trigger for asthma. If you have to go around them then you have to wear a doctor’s mask to protect yourself.

Stuffed Toys

The dust mites can gather on the plush toys is a trigger to an asthma attack. The reactions that are common when exposed are coughing, wheezing and running nose.

Leather and Latex

When the chemical from the leather and latex leak because of the hot weather then it can result in itchiness on the skin where it touches.

Cold and Hot weather

People, when exposed to cold or hot weather, can trigger an allergic reaction because of the different particles in the atmosphere. Or simply drop and rise in the temperature can be the reason.

Tablets and Mobile Phones

Allergy Asthma Consultants tell of another allergic reaction to the phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This is associated with metal allergy as the people have to be very careful around these devices.

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