AccessiBe Offers a Range of User-Friendly Tech Services at Best the Deals in the Market



With the gradual passage of time, humans have time and again come up with newer technological wonder. These have made lives easier and hassle-free to a considerable extent whatsoever. Among all new innovations, the computer is one of the most sought-after. Ever since its evolution, it has been infested with features, more advanced. The ultimate revolution in the world of computers was brought in when internet services were introduced. It is a fact today that internet plays a very important role in the daily lives of almost of age-grouped people whatsoever. It has almost covered all aspects of a human life. Be it studying or shopping; gaming or dating, internet must play a role at all. Hence, it is important for internet providers to be smart and easy and that is where AccessiBe nails it with its services.

AccessiBe is a service which is powered by artificial intelligence and thus it is highly equipped with technological features. This is important on account of the fact that huge numbers of websites are being created at regular intervals but the question is whether all of them are actually accessible or not. The answer unfortunately is NO. In fact, most of the websites that are released on public arena stay hidden from users. The users do not get to operate these sites when required. Michael Hingson, who holds the chair of the chief vision officer in AccessiBe, clearly points put that this is not the way it should be. According to him, websites must be user-friendly and easily accessible. Otherwise, there is no use to introduce so many sites on the internet. Besides, there must be special consideration for people who are physically disabled as well. It is a fact that these people need internet no less than what the other section of people do. But unfortunately, it gets difficult for them to make use of websites as easily as others do. This is where Michael Hingson and his team get to work.

Major giveaways from AccessiBe:

  • Increase usability of websites.
  • Enable physically challenged persons to access websites easy.
  • Provide plugin for WordPress that makes connection with AI services convenient.
  • Boost helping brand perceptions which cater to the business needs consequentially.
  • Make websites available and accessible to more of people.

According to recent statistics, almost 20 percent of the world’s total population is physically disabled. It becomes very difficult for such people to access the websites the way others can do. Michael Hingson from AccessiBe, being visually impaired himself, exactly feels the inconvenience others feel while accessing internet. This is the reason why the services are designed keeping in mind the specially abled lot, making it easier, effective and much loved worldwide. This is how the people do not have to step back on account of their disabilities. They lead their lives hassle-free. The technology of voice-based navigation adds on to the ease and convenience of internet-surfing.

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